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SHARE Atlanta's Fall (October and November) 2011 Updates

October: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month
SA's Angel Garden Memorial and Women's Candlelighting
March of Dimes SA Top Family Team Award
SA Inservice for Wellstar Nurse/Social Worker
Group Meetings~FB
Come Join SA as We Make a Difference - Together!!

October: Pregnancy and Infant Loss
Awareness Month

SHARE Atlanta: "The love stays..forever in our hearts."

Jas Gabbidon, from the online newspaper, "", interviewed Marcia McGinnis and used SHARE Atlanta's Story to begin October 2011's Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month" We thank Jas for her very special article!

Staying Connected..

Some of the moms at a recent SA Women's Meeting

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Dear All,

Lots of positive events in SHARE Atlanta's (SA) Fall Gatherings. Click on the hearts/links for details.

1. SA's FACEBOOK is a place where all that we do is shared. Come "like" our page and become a Friend. Then, Visit us often.

2. Sept. 22, 2011: March of Dimes AWARD - SA - #1 Downtown Family Team since 2005!! Annually, SA members "Walk to Remember" our precious babies as we raise funds for healthy babies. It is one of our "Outreach for Healing" programs.

3. SA's Annual Memorial Celebrations - Angel Garden Memorial 10.23.11 at 3; Women's Candlelighting: 3rd Wednesday in November at the Women's Meeting at 7 pm.

4. SA 2011 Fall Member's Updates

5. The Story of SA's Angel 2001 - SA's Angel Garden was another "Outreach for Healing" project and remains as a special haven for healing and comfort.

6. October is "Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness" Month - The whys and hows about this month.

7. APNEC/SA's "The Circle of Healing" October 12, 2011 at 9:45 for 2 hours: SHARE Atlanta and Marcia McGinnis present Marcia's program "The Circle of Healing": an inservice program about the Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Community. For: nurses, doctors, chaplains, social workers, Stephen's Ministry Includes: the grief journey for bereaved parents; what to say/do - not say/do; SA's mission and outreach. This inservice is given twice a year at the Wellstar Development Center on Windy Hill Rd. We also present this at other venues. Email Marcia for information.

8. "Healing Happens" PDF - SHARE Atlanta Families 2011 by Marcia McGinnis

9. Seth David McGinnis and MODS' Folic Acid Campaign..Hope Reflections from Marcia on Seth's birthday and SA's MODS' Recognition

Here are several links that will tell you more about SA:

  • What we "do."

  • SA's History in pictures since 1984

  • SHARE Atlanta IS

  • May 2008 - Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth (CBRS) is LAW!!! How to receive a CBRS.

  • "The Circle of Healing" Inservice for Awareness and Advocacy..Marcia McGinnis'

  • SA's 5Bs..Blankets, Buntings, Bonnets, Booties and Bracelets for the newly bereaved in the hospital. Email Marcia if you wish these for your hospital.
  • SA Spanish Menu Menu de informacion en Espaņol Con acoplamientos a varios sitios Espaņoles

  • SA's Survival Kits/Description and Order Form

    Email Lynne Anderson to order SA Survival Kits for those who just found out their baby died or is going to die.

    Together we work through our grief in order to heal.

    Take care,


    The love stays..forever in our hearts.

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