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For parents who have experienced
pregnancy or newborn loss:

~Ectopic~Miscarriage~Stillbirth~Newborn Loss~

Hope, peace, and healing
after a loss.

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"SHARE Atlanta Is" Picture Booklet 2011 in pdf

SHARE Atlanta provides...

  • Local grief support groups, services, workshops, and outreach for healing and advocacy at no fee
  • Memory bricks and angel memorial garden in Sandy Springs, GA.
  • Phone, website, forums, and written materials

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    SHARE Atlanta
  • Over 400 page website
  • (770)928-9603

    Our mission, our focus, and our successes...Click on Hearts to go to pages..

    SA Pictorial Timeline - Advocacy and Awareness since 1984 in pdf

    SA Brief Overview - SA Member's Make A DIFFERENCE since 1984 in pdf

    SA's FACEBOOK Page

    SHARE Atlanta in the News and Healing Happens!..some Highlights

    Sharing and Caring tied with Advocacy and Awareness
    Key for members of SHARE Atlanta

    SHARE Atlanta: "The love stays..forever in our hearts."

    Jas Gabbidon, from the online newspaper, "", interviewed Marcia McGinnis and used SHARE Atlanta's Story to begin October 2011's Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month" We thank Jas for her very special article!

    Oct: Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month"

    "ORDER a MEMORIAL BRICK for pathway or keepsake brick for you"

    All donations go directly into the operation of SHARE Atlanta
    to help parents who have experienced a Pregnancy or Newborn Loss and
    for promoting Advocacy and Awareness of the needs and issues
    of the Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Community.
    No salaries: We are all volunteers!

    All Donations are tax deductible...SA is a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization

    We are an ACTIVE GROUP: Current Events as of 10.14
    Click on Hearts to go to pages..

    SHARE Atlanta places #8 (out of 9000 teams!) Nationally As a 2013 March of Dimes Family Team!!! We "Walk to Remember" our precious babies while raising funds for healthy babies!!

    SA mom, Tamera Partis, places #10 Nationally as a March of Dimes 2013 TOP Walker!!! Go Tamera!!

    SA's 2013 National MODS' pictures on FB..Taken in Washington, DC 9.25-27.2013

    SA's Updates -What is happening NOW!

    APNEC/SA's "The Circle of Healing" Inservice - This happens twice a year. Oct. 5, 2014 at Welstar Development Center from at 9:45 for 2 hours: SHARE Atlanta and Marcia McGinnis presents her inservice program "The Circle of Healing."

    SA's "Walk to Remember" for March for Babies 2014
    Top Family #1 TEAM SA and Team Captain, Cindy Ivey!!!!!!

    Walk With or Sponsor SA's "Walk to Remember" Campaign with March for Babies..April 2015 Click to join us!

    SA's MODS' pictures on FB

    SA on WSB TV with MODS - This link takes you to 2 SA features. The first one is our 2011 Memorial Service. When it ends, look at the bottom left and click on the link that reads "P2P Share Atlanta". THANK YOU People2People and Jocelyn Dorsey!! It highlights SHARE Atlanta's mission, our babies and their mementos as well as why we walk. (Year-2011)

    HTML SA's 2014 Memorial Celebrations Angel Garden Memorial (10.26.14 - 3 to 4 pm) and - Women's Candlelighting (11.19.14 - 7pm) - .

    pdf of Invitation to SA's two fall Memorial Services

    "SA helped keep me from drowning in my sea of grief."

    "You made me feel normal in my grief, and you helped me see that eventually life would once again, be worth living. I just wanted you to know that I hold you in the highest esteem. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do." 12/2004

    Leah, A SA Parent & Volunteer in 2005-14, In loving memory of Cole and in honor of Katie (03) and Alex (07).

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    Come Visit SA on our FaceBook Page

    Contact SA - Phone Number, Emails, SA PO Box

    SA's Meetings-men/women's group, women's group - Times, Monthly topics, Directions

    "Parent Packet - Meetings & Events, Booklist, Grief Brochure

    First Visit..Initial Support

    SA Spanish Menu Menu de informacion en Español Con acoplamientos a varios sitios Españoles

    Inservices for Awareness and Advocacy..Marcia McGinnis' "The Circle of Healing" provides information for nurses, social workers, chaplains, student nurses, Stephen Ministry, etc.

    Online Support for Emotional Healing

    Grief Process after a Pregnancy or Newborn Loss by Marcia McGinnis

    Links to Keepsakes, Books, Jewelry, Portraits...

    "Healing Happens" PDF of SHARE Atlanta Families 2011 by Marcia McGinnis

    Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Medical Information; Doctors, etc. From Early Loss to High Risk

    Miscarriages & Ectopic Pg. Loss Support - The largest Section on this Site - Parents speak!

    Thinking about and planning a memorial service..or a loving good-bye..even years later.

    "Anniversary, Due Date, & Holiday" Grief

    May 2008 - Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth (CBRS) is LAW!!! How to receive a CBRS.

    "Healing & Making Our Child's Presence Meaningful"

    SA's Outreach for Healing Programs ~ "5Bs- Blankets, Buntings, Bonnets, Booties & Bracelets," "March of Dimes," "Hugs from Hunter," Inservices, Memorial programs, and other programs ...all in memory of our babies.

    SA Seasonal Events

    SA's Mini-Newsletters Covering Our Activities - Mother's Day Celebration, MODS, CBRS, 5Bs - that can be Ongoing when we have parents who wish to participate in them!

    HTML SA's Memorial Celebration - Angel Garden Memorial Service (some years) and Women's Candlelighting: 3rd Wednesday in November at the Women's Meeting at 7 pm. Unless Thanksgiving falls during the 3rd week. Check SA's Updates for Details.

    Understanding the Pregnancy & Newborn Loss Community & SHARE Atlanta...

    Archive of Past Newsletters

    SA's Story since 1984

    October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month

    Google Site Search - specific to SA's site

    Special Needs & Coping...

    "Be Truthful in Grief" brochure (How friends and family can aid the grieving parent, and still take care of themselves.) These can be ordered for your group.Email Lynne

    Father's Grief Menu

    Grandparent's Menu

    Supporting Our Other Children After a Loss Menu

    Subsequent Pregnancy Menu..for those who are pregnant again..

    Specific Types of Losses...Multiples (twins, triplets), Preterm Diagnosis of fatal/short life expectancy, SIDS, etc.

    SA Partners with Hospice Atlanta for support during this time...."Preterm Diagnosis-fatal/short life expectancy Menu - Perinatal and Newborn Hospice Support now available..."

    Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, NILMDTS

    NTLMDTS is a nationally organized group of volunteer photographers who come to your hospital room and lovingly and gently take pictures soon after our babies are born. Many hospitals know about NILMDTS, so ask. If you know that your baby has died or has had a Preterm Diagnosis of a fatal/short life expectancy, you may call them and arrange for them to come to your hospital room. SA parents who have been blessed to have them have some of the most tender and loving pictures I have ever seen. And, the experience has been one of many blessings. (Marcia)

    Perinatal Loss Information for those who have had a loss after birthing mulitples(twins, triples...) Climb, Zoe Rose Organization, etc.- Links to Groups that will support you.

    SA-SIDS~ SA's Outreach to those parents who have experienced a SIDS death ~ We have partnered with to a local SIDS group whose members will moderate our SA-SIDS Forum and Outreach - new 11.2007

    SA's Christmas Box Angel

    In 2009 SA mom, Reece Ritter, created this beautiful video that brings together visually the “story” of SA’s Angel and Memorial Brick Garden.

    SHARE Atlanta's Angel Garden Video

    A video of SHARE Atlanta's Beautiful Angel of Hope Memorial Garden at Arlington Memorial Park, Sandy Springs, GA


    "Babyland" in Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery in
    Sandy Springs, GA

    Join with a positive group of healing parents that began online in 1997...

    SHARE Atlanta (SA) was one of the first sites to have interactive email exchange..long before forums and blogs. What parents were saying and experiencing then is much like it is today. Though, there is an increase in medical and emotional support because of advocacy and awareness programs. Reading through others' stories can help you understand that others have "been there" and survived. Healing does happen.

    Visit often..

    Please take your time. Our needs change as we move t-h-r-o-u-g-h the process of grief in order to heal. As bereaved parents, ourselves, we understand the need to slowly work through your grief.

    Parents helping parents to heal....

    We offer this site, forums, our groups, and materials to help you as you heal. We have found that giving back to our community in memory of our babies is healing and a wonderfully, positive way to remember these special children.

    "Healing Happens" PDF of SHARE Atlanta Families 2011 - Highlights HOW to Make a Difference!! by Marcia McGinnis

    Parent Support for Healing

    Please seek professional and/or medical help for more support in any way. This site is not a substitute for professional guidance.

    Marcia McGinnis,
    Webmaster and Co-Founder of SHARE Atlanta
    Email Marcia

    In memory of Seth, Catherine and Elizabeth McGinnis

    This site is updated continuously.

    The SHARE Atlanta web site is dedicated in the memory of all the precious children whose short lives touched the hearts and lives of their parents and friends.

    Their special gifts and our love for them will be...
    Forever in Our Hearts

    Thank you for visiting.

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