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SHARE Atlanta's August/Septembe 2011 Updates

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Memorial Brick - Order by August 15th

Staying Connected..

Some of the moms at SA's July Women's Meeting

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Dear All,

If you couldn't join us at last month's activities and/or meetings, you were missed. For those who did come, thank you for sharing with us. SA IS coming together to share and to heal from the tragic death of our babies. I realize that our crazy schedules of today often make getting to a meeting difficult, but it is special when we have a nice size group. Lots of good discussion and sharing can happen!

During the last few months, we have some very special sharing with a good sized group. I have attached a picture of some of those who were at our last meeting. Thank you, Nicole for taking it, and thanks to all who joined us.

Sharing from our present members..

SA's parents have experienced pregnancy and newborn loss. We have parents who have had babies lost to ectopic pregnancies, miscarriage, stillbirth, and newborn loss (a baby who is born and lives for any length of time and never went home from the hospital or home briefly.) We believe that no matter how long or short a mom carries her baby, this little one is precious and loved. For more thoughts on this topic:

SHARE Atlanta IS

Recently, several of our moms who have experienced an early loss have shared significant healing times with us. Sara Morman and Kathy Powell touched us all during the last 2 meetings. I am honored to be able to share their incredible gifts with you all. I placed these on our website. I am sure that they would love to hear from you. I would, too. If you have some thoughts to add to either piece, please email them to me. Thanks!

Sara Morman's Story and Memorial Service in loving memory of Lily

"Not a Line" A song written and song by Kathy Powell.

Emotions and Grief after the Third Month...

July's meeting, "Grief and Emotions" is always an important one. We often think that the feelings and emotions we are having are "over the top" and must be a sign that we are going crazy. Well, when we all sit in a room together and begin to share the various feelings we have, we find out that we are normal. We have great sadness, anger, fear, we have never had before. Grief is intense pain..with our emotions going all over the place. Most parents think, like others in society, that pain lessens after the second or third month. I wish this was true, but it usually is not.

Based on our ongoing pain, I just completed a piece, "Grief's Continued Path & Healing after a Pregnancy or Newborn Loss... After the First Three Months...". It addresses our grief walks as we continue past the 3 month mark. I have added, SA mom's, Valerie Scholovich, comments to my piece. Thank you Valerie for your thoughts.

Grief after the Third Month by Marcia McGinnis


"Grief and Our Relationships" - August's Topic - Men and Women's Group by Request

We combine the topics of the two proceeding months (secondary losses - loss of: innocence - role or parenting a living child - self-worth - control - hope and the stages/emotions of grief: sadness, panic, denial, shock, release, confusion, etc) and see how every relationship is influenced by these losses and emotions and that our relationships are reflected in our emotions and losses. We learn more coping skills on dealing with these situations as we better understand the grieving process.

"Grief and Future Choices" - September's Topic - Men and Women's Group if requested. Email Marcia if you would like to attend.

We look at how the timeline of grief influences the way we think and reflect about our choices on the path of "what will be." We discuss pre-subsequent pregnancy doctor consultations, birth plans, and other options that parents might be considering. Through the years, SA parents have made many good choices as they walked their path, and it helps to share some of these together. We are blessed with many supportive doctors and caregivers and we offer support as you work to make the decision about a subsequent child.

Directions to our Meetings

Pictures of Group members and mementos - a pdf

Order Memorial Bricks by 8.15..

Memorial Brick Once Per Year August 15 - These will be placed by the fall holidays.

August 15 is the date for getting your memorial brick order to Jennifer. This link provides the information to order a pathway or a keepsake memorial brick. We offer this very special memento once a year. At the end of the website page, you will find a link to the SA Angel Garden and Path's story.

For many, our Angel Garden with Memorial bricks provides a safe haven and quiet place to visit and find peace. While every type of loss is shared in our memorial garden, those who have experienced an early loss often find this especially comforting. When they order a memorial brick and place it in our pathway, it is memorial validation of their baby's place in their life. Now, they will have a special place to go and be. One brick out near our angel says, "A person is a person no matter how small." Every baby is precious..

Click here to order and to read about our Angel Garden and Memorial Brick Pathway

Angel Garden Video

In 2009 SA mom, Reece Ritter, created this beautiful video that brings together visually the “story” of SA’s Angel and Memorial Brick Garden.

Staying Connected..


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I always love to hear from our SA members..past and present. Also, I thank our past members for either joining us to support new members or for reaching out to a newly bereaved friend and bringing them to our group.

Most recently, we have had these "past" members attend our group: Jodi Firestone, Tamara Partis, Mindy Seger, Cindy Ivey, Erin Dickerson, and Alyse Jones. Their "down the path" thoughts and support mean a great deal to ALL of, too.

Hope to see you at our upcoming Women's meeting on August 17th at 7pm, some of our other gatherings, or Online.

Take care,


The love stays..forever in our hearts.

since 1984 A self-help and mutual support group

More Support..

"Healing Happens" PDF of SHARE Atlanta Families 2011 by Marcia McGinnis

"Healing & Making Our Child's Presence Meaningful - Grief brings Healing"

Coping Suggestions...Mementos, Ideas, etc.

(Kim's bracelets, Dana's Portraits and many more healing ideas are some of the many links found on this page.

Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Awareness Pin
Available at our events and groups.

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