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Subsequent Pregnancy FaceBook...for those who are pregnant again...Allysa Wolf is our moderator..2011!.

"Grief & Future Pregnancy - Some thoughts.." Note: SHARE Atlanta's Grief Group has an entire meeting devoted to this topic. It is entitled "Grief and Future Choices." The meetings that cover this topic are in April and September. Though, parents can touch on this topic at any meeting.

SA's Subsequent Pregnancy Group - for those pregnant again...meets as needed

Links to Sites that focus on Subsequent Pregnancy Issues

Thoughts about the cerclage by SHARE Atlanta moms.

SA Subsequent Pregnancy Diaries SHARE Atlanta moms have written to Marcia as they moved through their subsequent pregnancy. When Marcia was pregnant, she had found a book that was written day by day through a "typical" pregnancy, and it helped her a great deal. So, she thought that a collection of subsequent pregnancy stories might help future SA moms as they moved through their own subsequent pregnancy. These unique "diaries" with Marcia's comments are offered here. These are copyright for SA.

Crystal's Sub Preg Diary -GA~ 2/17/05 ~ Hope Arrives..9.20.05!

Angela's Sub.Preg. Diary GA -9/10/04 - 3/19/05~Ayinde Arrives!!! (Prev. loss: IC & miscarriage)

Sakina's Sub.Preg. Diary GA-11/03-5/04 Jayla Amaya arrives! (Prev. loss: IC & placenta abruption)

Christie's Sub.Preg. Diary GA - 7/03-1/26/04 Kelly's here! (Prev. losses: antibody factor)

Jana's Sub. Preg. Diary" (Atlanta, GA)- 10/6/00-4/25/'01 -Ava arrives! (Prev.loss: 3rd term stillbirth)

"Gypsy's Sub. Preg. Diary" (Austrialia)12/19/99 ~ 8/22/00 ~ Merenia Arrives!! (Prev.loss: cord issue)

"Christa's Sub. Preg. Diary"(Canada)-1/6/98-Twins born in 8/98!!! (Prev.loss: cord issue)

"Tiffany's Sub. Preg.Diary" (CA.) 1/25/99-6/14/99 ~ Evan Arrives!! (Prev.loss: cord issue)

Online Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Medical Information to help support you around most Medical Issues. Updated 2.11 - Since 1997, most of these sites seem stable and remain current!

AIS - Adoption Information Services SA has had over 25 families adopt in our group. One of the most helpful agencies is led by Marcia Barker. She has been running this organization for about as long as SA has been around. They have helped many of our parents. Her telephone number is: (770) 339-7236. She is local to Atlanta, but I believe she could offer support throughout the USA. She has seminars to learn more about the adoption process, too. Several of our parents have adopted Chinese daugthers, and they visited with Marcia first.

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