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SHARE Atlanta's Fall 2007 Updates

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Please note especially: Women's Candlelighting Date has changed to November 14th
from November 21st due to Thanksgiving's date.

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Pin
Available at our events and groups.

Dear All,

The spring and summer have held good things for SHARE Atlanta and the Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Community. The fall brings with it many activities for SHARE Atlanta parents. This update will briefly highlight what is *happening*.

I want to address a few changes and facts for the upcoming fall activities. Please make adjustments to your calendar and consider sharing with us in some/all of these special events.

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

October Awareness Online Highlights and Information...Click on Icon

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month: Each fall, we join together to remember, honor, and celebrate our baby's short presence with us and the love we will have for our child - forever. We recognize October as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month during our Memorial Service, our groups, and during our Women's Candlelighting. Then, we continue our outreach with our memorial tree which is usually for Festival of Trees. This year, since the FOTs is cancelled, we will decorate our own SA memorial tree. We have agreed to donate it to a special cause such as a children's center or senior citizen's home.

During these months, consider wearing your awareness and memorial pins (your SA angel pin) or bracelets. We will have awareness pins, car magnets, and brochures at each of our events.

Every time we respond to others, or take part in an event or an inservice, we honor our own and other parents' children. We also become advocates for the Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Community's issues and needs. Making our children's presence meaningful in our lives is important for healing. We do this through attending our memorial services, our groups, our Outreach for Healing programs, our inservices and pr venues.

SA's 2007 "Walk to Remember" April 28, 2007 - Mini-Newsletters with pictures, Baby Name's Litany, Parent's Preemie Stories, and Update Note...

March of Dimes'AWARDS Cindy, SA's MODS Team Captain, and I are travelling to Washington, DC for our second in a row trip to the MODS Volunteer Leader's Conference!! Since SA Team #562 won 3 awards for our Downtown Atlanta walk, we are going to be honored once again as one of the Top Family Teams Nationally! There are ten top family teams. Last year we came in second. There are 9000 teams around the country!! Thank YOU SHARE Atlanta team members and sponsors for making this possible with your awesome fundraising!! We have been asked for pictures from our walk for a special presentation that will be shown in front of 600 attendees on Oct. 19!! This is a wonderful outreach for our group. "SA helping MODS put us out of business."

Click for memorial or keepsake brick order form. Jennifer is taking orders until September 14th.

Our Memorial Services and Festival of Trees 2007...

pdf of Invitation to SA's Memorial Service and Candlelighting..

Annual Angel Garden Memorial Service October 28 at 3 pm. -click on candle for details. If you wish for your child's name to be included in our written litany and read during the ceremony, please email your baby's name to me by October 24th. You can add names to the called out litany on the day of the program.

Annual Women's Candlelighting on November 14 at 7-9 pm. Click on candle for details

Women's Candlelighting: CHANGE of DATE: Nov. 14th 7 to 9 pm at McGinnis' home. This is the second Wed. and NOT the third Wed since that day falls on the day before Thanksgiving. We will be gathering with our candles for a special time with one another. As always women family members or friends are welcomed to join us for our program and evening. Please bring a finger food for us to share if you can. Please bring your ornament for our SA tree, and we will share them as we place them on the tree. Of course, it is fine not to have an ornament, too. We will be taking any item (ex.: formula, clothes, toys, books, etc.) that you might bring in memory of your babies to the Foster Care Shelter, too.

My Storybook Lady..Betty's Website - Click on her picture.

Email SA's Betty Miller, SA MOM!! - click on flowerpicture ...Email her if you would like to get her to help you make your very own book!

At our Volunteer Gathering, Betty Miller, an Independent Heritage Makers Consultant, showed us her storybooks that she created in loving memory of her baby, Brian and in celebration of her son, Joey! We all wanted to make our own because they are so beautiful. These books look like REAL books because they are. Betty will be doing a workshop for us Sunday December 2nd, 2007 2pm-4pm at Marcia's home. Bring a laptop (if you have one). Please RSVP to Betty via email or phone by November 28th. Until then, her books and information will be here for you to see at our MS, candlelighting, Mother's Day Brunch, and groups.

For pictures of our past Festival of Trees "Forever in our Hearts" memorial tree and ornaments

SHARE Atlanta's Festival of Trees 2007 - Decorated at our Women's Candlelighting

Festival of Trees: CHANGE of VENUE...The staff of Festival of Trees cancelled the FOTs!

It is a shock and saddens many of us. We will miss joining together to decorate our annual memorial tree downtown for the FOTs in memory of our special babies. BUT, our volunteers felt we should still decorate a smaller tree in our babies' memory and donate it to a good cause.

We invite you to bring your ornaments to our October gatherings and events. We will "share" our ornaments as always at our Women's Candlelighting on Nov. 14th and then place them on a 4 foot tree. Remember to have them in a box or bag with your baby's name and your name on a piece of paper within the holder. We will have a written litany on our site with a picture of our tree and where it will be placed. Again, we will be sharing these at our Candlelighting.

E-mail Marcia your baby's name either specify "MS" for the Memorial Service Litany or "FOT" for the Festival of Tree's Litany (or both!) in the subject line of your email.

Each time we gather together ~

We hope that these special services, activities such as our memorial tree and our meetings - all in memory of all of our babies, help to bring you hope, peace and continued healing. As we share together, we know that the love we feel for our children will be forever in our hearts.

(See below for additional links for related information.)

Take care,


The love stays...forever in our hearts.

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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month
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I added by babies' and living children's names to my bracelet.

Bracelet's of Hope From SHARE Atlanta's Kim Shiftlett.

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    Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Awareness Pin
    Available at our events and groups.

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