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SHARE Atlanta's 2007 WalkAmerica Team & Mini-Newsletters of the DAY!
Some of the 40 walkers-it is hard to get everyone together!

We walk to "Remember Our Babies"

March of Dimes' WalkAmerica Olympic Park Downtown

April 28, 2007 Two Different Mini-Newsletters to Touch your Hearts..

Some thoughts from the parents who walked...

Marcia-We had a great time at the walk on Saturday and it was nice to meet you. Everyone was very kind and we appreciate the caring while we continue to heal. We hope to do it again next year and I also hope to help with the festival of trees. Thanks so much! Rick and Lorelei - Walked in Memory of Kai, Tai and Sai ~ 3/21/07-3/23/07

Marcia, I love the mini newsletter - it so heartwarming to read the stories. I believe that our angels get great joy out of knowing that so many positive things have happened because of their existence. Thank you! Elise, our "top" fundraiser ~ Walked in memory of Grace Marie - midterm loss 6.14.03

SA's Memory Corner's "Memorial Heart Tree"
and display with Babies' Names..
Under our MODS' Chairmen's TENT

SA's 2007 5th Place MODS' Award

SA Wins 5th out of 12,000 Family Teams Nationally! Click on the hearts for Pictures and Story.

SHARE Atlanta's "Walk to Remember" 2 Mini-Newsletters - Top Walkers and Pictures added 10.27.07

Click on the heart icons!

Mini Newsletter about SA's "Walk to Remember" Walk America Day with Honors!

Pictures and story board of the day! Three touching stories about parents who had never heard of SA remembering their babies...two for the first time. Litany of babies' names.

Mini Newsletter about the parents with preemies who walked on Walk America Day!

Stories from our parents with preemie babies. These parents have lost a child and now have living children. The parents express with great passion *why* they have chosen the March of Dimes as the charity to support.

This includes pictures of babies at the walk and some tiny preemies. If you are not ready to look at baby pictures, please do not click on the link. These stories give us much hope for the future. (We will be doing a similar mini-newsletter with some of the other parent's special babies and stories.)

SHARE Atlanta's Team Roster - To donate to the SA Team or someone on SA's Team! Donations are welcomed until May 25, 2007.

Click here to download a free Adobe Reader so you can read our mini-newsletters.

Another sample of "why" we walk from one of our parents...

Kathleen - MOD funded a study that helped to figure out why my two miscarried babies died. While this didn't help ease the pain of their loss, it helped tremendously in my journey toward healing. Baby Boy and Baby Girl Blum...1991

Even during the walk, we were working for advocacy for the issues facing the Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Community. These issues could happen to any family. We walk to bring to light the issues, the research, and the preventative measures that the March of Dime's is working towards. Hopefully, the newsletters will help everyone to better understand how special the MODS' walk is to SA's parents.

4.30.07 March of Dimes Note - Most of this is in story board fashion in newsletters.

Hi All,

This is an update about the 2007 SHARE Atlanta "Walk to Remember" with the March of Dimes Walk America on April 28, 2007. It was a sunny, breezy, fun and special morning! If any of your MODs sponsors, friends or family would appreciate SA's March of Dimes story, please forward this link to them. ( The mini-newsletters might be a nice way to say "thank you" to our sponsors. Hopefully, the newsletters will help everyone to better understand the how special the MODS' walk is. Through pictures and brief stories, we all will "see" how our financial gifts will/would support families. The SA Preemie Parent's mini-newsletter helps us appreciate what MODs' is doing for families.

First, a huge "thank you" to SA's team captain, Cindy Ivey!! Under her guidance, kindness, and care we have come a long ways. What Jennifer Greer started in 1998 has grown and grown! We had our SECOND CHAIRMEN'S TENT in three years! Only ten groups within each walking area are given their *very own TENT* each year. It is quite an honor. TENTS depend on the level of fund raising. We came in second place last year and tenth place in 2004. The mini-newsletter above suggests why a TENT helps us continue to provide support and outreach to families even during the walk!

Second, another huge "thank you" to all of those who walked (about 40), donated to SA, or thought about us as we ventured forth on this BEAUTIFUL morning. Thanks to generous sponsors, we have had one walker bring in over $4000, three walkers are over $3000., and about 5 have had more than $1000.s donated! Anyone raising over $1000. this year were called "Pacesetters." They were awarded special privileges by MODs. Everyone's fundraising efforts are important because every dime goes toward helping the babies. Cindy will be filling us in on fundraising details.

Third, thank you to Robert and Adrianne Verbanac for making our heart-filled Memory Tree a reality. (Memory Corner is pictured in the mini-newsletter along with our Litany of Babies'names.)

Fourth, The above pdf is a "mini-newsletter" with a collage of pictures of members, friends, walkers, and some very special stories. The Memorial Litany for this year's "Walk to Remember" is also included. Even during the walk, we were working for advocacy for the issues facing the Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Community.

Still time to support us..There are only TEN CHAIRMEN's TENTS each year....

If you were considering giving to our group, and haven't, please consider doing so. Or if you know someone who might like an opportunity to support us, please forward this information. We still have until May 25. Cindy thinks we are close to $20,000 or $21,000. Monica told us that we might need a little more in order to have a TENT next year. Because more people are involved in March of Dimes, it is harder each year to earn this honor.

With your support - it could happen. Families could almost always carry home a healthy, full term baby. We could have a TENT next year and extend our outreach to support those who need to heal from the pain of the death of their baby.

*Together* there is hope.

Thanks to EVERYONE who has given in memory of their baby, a loved-ones' baby, and *all* babies.. as we "Walk to Remember" and provide Hope for the Future.

Take care,
Marcia and Cindy
The love stays...forever in our hearts.

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