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SHARE Atlanta's October 2007 Updates

Memorial Services~FOTS~
Support for Healing

Please note especially: Women's Candlelighting Date has changed to November 14th
from November 21st due to Thanksgiving's date.

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Pin
Available at our events and groups.

Dear All,

Our Women's Group meets on Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 7 pm. - "The Significance of You and Your Baby"

Every child is special..every parent needs "permission to grieve"

Often times parents are made to feel that because our babies are born "too soon" they are not as significant as other children. This is especially true for our babies who are born too soon for us to hold.

At SHARE Atlanta we believe every child is our "child-to-be"-our dream for our future, and we believe that every parent should be given "permission to grieve" their baby. We have also found that society and the medical world often need to fully understand that every child is important and special, and we wish answers to "whys" and "how" to prevent future losses.

Mementos and poems

As we come together at our meetings this month, those who wish to, share special treasures, sonogram and baby pictures, scapbooks, poems, etc. that they might have in their memory boxes. We understand that not everyone has named their baby or has a treasure to hold on to, and we realize that this is a personal decision. We also know that sometimes this is because a parent has been made to feel that such an expression is morbid or unnecessary because "we didn't know" our baby.

Well, we did "know" this child - in some way - or we would not be feeling the pain we are. Recognizing that for what it is, then allowing ourselves to remember, grieve and we can, in our own personal way ... is what this meeting is all about.

Coping and Different Grief Patterns

At this meeting, we express how our baby has made a difference in our lives and how we will never forget their presence. We also discuss ways to cope (many of our activities are for coping) and ways to protect ourselves as we move through our grief. And how a couple's grieving pattern usually varies, and this is normal and healthy.

Please join us and, if you choose to, bring your mementos and pictures. We will have our "Memory Tree" to hold our memorial hearts. Also, Betty will be there to share her memory books with us. You, too, can create a memory book for your baby.

pdf of Invitation to SA's Memorial Service and Candlelighting..

SA's Memorial Service & Candlelighting Service

Our website page telling you about our upcoming Memorial Service and Women's Candlelighting as well as what we will be doing for our Festival of Trees tree this year. We hope you will join us for these events. They are always very special.

If you wish to donate an ornament for our Festival of Trees tree (This year it will be a SA memorial tree for another special cause since the FOTS was first canceled then greatly changed.) in memory of your baby please bring it to the Memorial Service or the Candlelighting.

For pictures of our past Festival of Trees "Forever in our Hearts" memorial tree and ornaments

SHARE Atlanta's Festival of Trees 2007 - Decorated at our Women's Candlelighting

Your Gifts Open Doors

Our baby's gifts may lead to new horizons for support and healing. They also may lead to new ways of making a living. I have started a new page that will be dedicated to some of our parent's new venues that are a direct response to their walk to heal after the death of their baby. I will be adding members as I am aware of new ventures. Please visit and learn about Betty Miller's books, Hayden and Maria Elie's "Rachael Retreat" and Handmade Quilt Raffle - get your ticket at our groups, Kim Shifltett's memorial jewelry, Allysa's dolls, and Robin Clay's book. We each find ways to heal. We each find ways to make our children's lives meaningful. We embrace every person's efforts.

Mini Newsletter about SA's "Walk to Remember" Walk America Day - Updated 10.07 Showing how we did at our Walk!!

Pictures and story board of the day! Three touching stories about parents who had never heard of SA remembering their babies...two for the first time. Litany of babies' names.

Cindy Ivey and I are headed to Washtington, DC, to receive a National Top Ten Award from March of Dimes. We do this because of about 40 people walkers and many sponsors who raised almost $40,000 in April. We will be carrying each of these people and their babies in our hearts! Elise Beltrami was our top walker as she walked with her twin daughers. I have rewritten the mini-newsletters to include the "results" of our walk. I will have some hard copies at the MS and Candlelighting. It is a pleasure to share how all of our efforts have pulled together in order to help babies and families. We will be taking some copies to Washington! We will tell our continuing story as we return. As always, our biggest reward is putting SA out of business because MODS is finding the answers for why our babies' die.

SA's March of Dime's 2007 Experience for those who have not viewed it. Plus, the updated booklet about our Preemie Parents and their successes at the walk.

SA's Yahoo "Grief Support Yahoo Forum"

Thanks to all who are supporting one another in this wonderful group. Our forums are busy with new people and lots of pictures. Our groups are buzzing, too. We hope to see you at the Memorial Service or the candlelighting. We are here as you might need us.

Take care,


The love stays...forever in our hearts.

Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Awareness Pin
Available at our events and groups.

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