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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month
Awareness Bracelet
made by SA's Kim Shiflett

Our baby's gifts may lead to new horizons for support and healing and to new ways of making a living. I have started a page that will be dedicated to some of our parent's creative venues that are a direct response to their walk to heal after the death of their baby. I will be adding members as I am aware of new ventures. We each find ways to heal. We each find ways to make our children's lives meaningful. We embrace every person's efforts. Marcia McGinnis 2007

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Kim's Bracelets

SA's very own, Kim Shiflett, makes memory bracelets and more. It all began as a healing activity after she lost Hope. Many of our members have been blessed by her beautiful jewelry pieces. Kim has an October Awareness bracelet and a car magnet to help us "get the word out." She makes beautiful bracelets, key chains, necklaces and more in memory of our babies.

My Storybook Lady..Betty's Website - Click on her picture.

Email SA's Betty Miller, SA MOM!! - click on flowerpicture ...Email her if you would like to get her to help you make your very own book!

At our Volunteer Gathering, Betty Miller, an Independent Heritage Makers Consultant, showed us her storybooks that she created in loving memory of her baby, Brian and in celebration of her son, Joey! We all wanted to make our own because they are so beautiful. These books look like REAL books because they are. Betty will be doing a workshop for us Sunday December 2nd, 2007 2pm-4pm at Marcia's home. Bring a laptop (if you have one). Please RSVP to Betty via email or phone by November 28th. Until then, her books and information will be here for you to see at our MS, candlelighting, Mother's Day Brunch, and groups.

Rachelís Retreat

An "in progress" non-profit 501(c)3, bereavement retreat for adults and families

Hayden and Maria Elie, have begun building "Rachel's Retreat" in the hopes are providing a quiet sanctuary for healing for bereaved parents like us. I believe in what they are doing. We need more avenues for healing. The Elie's have long been a part of our annual memorial service. This year they will read and they will be there with the quilt so everyone can see it. I have included a link to the pdf of the flyer about Rachel's Retreat and the quilt that the Elie's have made. If anyone can help support them or know of those who would be interested in helping fund this retreat, please contact Maria or Hayden. Marcia

Pictures of Allysa's Dolls

Why I started to make the dolls: It started with the thoughts of missing out on Ethan's growing up. I realized that I would not be able to see what he would look like growing up. So, I imagined how he would look. I, then, decided to make a doll of what I thought he might look like. I wanted him to be holding a heart symbolic of the love between us. He is also holding a dragonfly which is my symbol for him as well as a symbol of peace to me. He is dressed like a wolf after his middle name. He might use his imagination to play dress-up in a wolf outfit! I also wanted his belly button showing representing how we were connected. Making the dolls for other mothers and fathers who will miss out on watching their child grow is healing for me, too. It is a nice way for me to share in healing from this tragedy. Knowing that these dolls will help others is very special to me.

Email SA's Allsya to find out more about her dolls and ask her to make you one.

For more pictures of Allys'as dolls visit SA's Yahoo "Grief Support Yahoo Forum"

I'm Still Here

SHARE Atlanta's Robin Clay authors a book about her to find out more about it.

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