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I'm Still Here

Note from Robin: My life has not turned out as I had thought it would - it has evolved into a wonderful one, after much, much, much turbulence. I won't go into details because the book does. I knew I wanted to publish the journals I had written when I lost my son, so last year I put them into disc form and sent them off to a publisher.

By publishing my personal experience, I hope those who feel hopeless or alone will see there is goodness in life. In the Purpose Driver Life, it says that God doesn't waste a hurt. That's what I'm trying to do - use my hurt to help others.

My book is very honest because it wasn't written as a book. It was written as a journal or outlet for me alone so it is not really edited. You can go online to read an excerpt and/or purchase the book.

My book is for someone who has been through a loss of a baby, through a painful divorce, and/or fought for his or her job. All of this happened to me and I had to dig my way through it all back to living.

To order Robin's book:

Click on the hearts and when you get to the page click on "Bookstore." Then type in Robin Clay's name or the ISBN number: 1418432601. (Typing in the name of the book will bring up several choices as well as Robin's book.)

Marcia's comment: Robin asked me to read her book while it was in the early stages and I was immediately aware that this was "raw" pain and grief and that by leaving it there - many would relate to it. We all do not handle pain and grief in the same way, but often we feel as though we are the only ones that could be possibly feeling such intense and "strange" emotions and react as we do.

Robin attended our SHARE Atlanta group after she lost Matthew at 36 weeks, and while her marriage was still intact. She was wonderfully supportive of others in our group and truly wished to heal the tragic pain she felt from the loss of their son. Many in our group found comfort from her and she thanked us often for "being there" for her.

Her book goes beyond our group and the loss of her son. It goes into the depth of her pain at the separation and divorce from her husband, the confusion and incredible pain of a loss pathway, and her eventual (but lengthy) healing. She tells it as it was for her and how her growing renewed faith in God slowly evolves.

Her book clearly recognizes that healing is a process and that it demands much work over a period of time. Some passages others might have left out so the pain would not have seem so deep and tragic. But, by leaving them in, Robin clearly defines the transition that can and often happens to each of us as we begin to accept that healing is happening. Life can be better even after the most horrible of storms.

I applaud Robin for her courage to lay it all "out there" so others can understand the depth our emotions can go..and we can still survive. Survival is always possible and reading how others manage to survive is often important for those who are suffering. Providing outreach to others based on our own survival is not always shared.

Robin's gift to others through this book is, in my opinion, a true testamony to her love of God and His people. She could have hidden the parts that weren't "pretty" but she chose to expose all and in doing so her eventual strength and trust in God becomes obvious and important. Thank you, Robin, for giving from your heart.

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