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Links to Sites Written in
Memory of a Special Baby
Loss due to Stillbirth:


Thirdterm or Fullterm

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Sites focused on Midterm Loss

In memory of Daniel by Charlotte

For Charlotte's story on our site...

  • "Shared Experience and Poems: (10/11/98)

  • Charlotte's beautiful poem that SHARE Atlanta used for our Women's Candlelighting Program in November '98. "Mother's Love" (10/11/98)

    Daniel Adam Gledson
    15 8 1998
    Stillborn/Midterm Loss
    Portsmouth, UK

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    Sites focused on Third or Fullterm Stillbirth...

    Kathy's site in memory of Jessica

    "Grief is Not Forever" by Darla Cady

    "Memories of Matthew" - Grieving and Growing Through the Loss of My Baby by Darla

    Thoughts from Darla...

    Entry #2: Thank you so much for adding my story. I had the most wonderful support from my local chapter of Share during that difficult time. I truly appreciate it.

    Marcia's thoughts: Could you list your local chapter under our "your support group" page? The form can be gotten to from our "3 Kinds of Email" page. We are trying to connect folks through the internet. It is so wonderful to have "our" SHARE groups recognized!

    Entry #3: I am sorry that I cannot be of any help concerning the local chapter list, but I believe the Share group I attended during the time of my loss, 5 1/2 years ago, is no longer together. It was through the Good Samaritan Hospital in Vincennes, Indiana. I no longer live in Indiana, but when I last spoke with the leaders, they were saying they would have to discontinue it. I was very thankful to have them there, during the time of my loss.

    Matthew Austin
    Vincennes, IN

    "In Loving Memory of Our Son ~ Tyler Branden Lotz ~ Stillborn on the 11th of January, 1996" by Kim

    Thoughts from Kim...

    Hi, I have a done a website in memory of my son Tyler who was stillborn at fullterm due to a cord accident. I would like to have you add it to your "links to memorials in memory of special babys" page. If you could do this for me I would greatly appreciate it.

    Merced, Ca

    In Loving Memory Of Siobhan Brianna McDonald Born Still September 9, 1992 ...2/1/99 by Laura

    Thoughts from Laura

  • "Down the Path, Five Years or More..."THE SITTING TIME" by Patrick and Laura (1/13/99)

    Patrick and Laura
    Siobhan Brianna McDonald
    Fort Campbell, KY

    "Rest in Peace Pyrete" from Sweden with love by his mother...Ida

  • Includes a list of ideas for professionals
  • A very loving site.

    "Peace Through Angels" by Kimberly

    Kim's story and links to more of her thoughts on our site...

    "Spencer's Story" by Kim (3/98)

    "From Mama...

    My little one was with me only briefly but his presence will be with me a lifetime. I held his small body in my arms for just a few moments but I will remember the feeling always. I got to kiss and touch his precious face and marvel at how beautiful he was." Kimberly has included pictures and her diary from her pregnancy.

    "A Gift from God" by Travis Tapley

    A powerful story about their first baby Travis Reed Tapley (died because of a umbilical cord entanglement) and their subsequent infertility and, finally, Jesse Colin

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