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Of these Special Babies...

Ashlynn Grace Hunter

Hope Sarah Mountney

Rowan Micah Seskin

Mollie Bauckham

Cole William Cutler

Jacqueline Hope Hamada

Announcing... Ashlynn Grace Hunter

~ Angel Baby on Earth ~

Born July 5, 2002
7 pounds and 8 ounces
19 1/2 inches long

Brother/Sister of

- Angel Baby in Heaven ~
Christian Lee Hunter, November 7, 1998

Proud  Parents and Family ~

Becky, Deon, and big sisters, Elizabeth and Lindsey Hunter of Hopkinsville, Kentucky

I lost a baby on November 7, 1998 to miscarriage. Reading the letters, thoughts, and poems posted on the Share Atlanta site is what helped me through this great time of loss. After visiting the site and reading other peoples experience, I posted my story, "Christian in 1998." Since then, I have shared this site with other friends and family that have experienced infant loss in their lives.

Since Christian, we have had two little girls. Lindsey Katherine was born in 1999, and most recently, we gave birth to our third daughter, Ashlynn Grace in 2002.

I would like to point out that these two little darlings didn't not replace the child we lost. Even though, we have three beautiful healthy daughters, I sometimes look behind me for another little one. It's like somehow I know there's one more out there somewhere. Although not present with me, he or she will live in my heart always. Jan. 17, 2003


"Christian in 1998" by Becky (11/30/98)...with other links to Becky's poem and thoughts on pregnancy...

"Christian in 1998" by Becky (Miscarriage) (11/30/98) and updates 2/15/02

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Announcing... Hope Sarah Mountney

~ Angel Baby on Earth ~

December 22, 2002
8 pounds 20 1/2 inches

Sister of Amy Dawn Mountney, February 5, 2000

- Angel Baby in Heaven ~

Proud  Parents and Family ~

Ben and Jen ~ New Lowell, Ontario, Canada

Hope is 8 1/2 months old now, I can hardly believe she's here, that this isn't a dream! Having her here has been so wonderful, she has truly given me hope again. I could never see beyond the birth, never imagine that our baby would come home. I bought some clothes, even a bassinnette and carseat but I couldn't believe that our baby would come home. And yet here she is! The past eight and a half months have flown by. Hope is so much fun! So curious, she loves getting into things and discovering her world. Hope has brought such joy to my heart.

I often think of what my life would be like now if Amy Dawn had lived. Amy Dawn would have been three in June. I would be very busy running after a toddler and taking care of a new baby!

I often wonder what they would be like together. I often cry thinking of all Hope missed with Amy Dawn and all Amy Dawn missed with Hope. A few of my friends have three year olds and although we do get together with them and I hear a lot about them sometimes it's just too much and I weep aching for Amy Dawn, wondering why she too couldn't have come home.

I want Hope to grow up knowing about her big sister. Amy Dawn will never be forgotten. She is and always will be part of our family.

"Looking For A Faithful Friend" by Jen (1/17/02)- Family, Friends and Co-Workers

"My Story ~ Amy Dawn Mountney" by Jen (2/15/02)

Jen's E-mail

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Announcing... Rowan Micah Seskin

~ Angel Baby on Earth ~

June 20th, 2003,
7lbs 13oz
20 inches long

Brother of Avery Nava, February 23rd, 2002 and passed on February 28th, 2002

- Angel Baby in Heaven ~

Proud  Parents and Family ~

Janna and Aaron Seskin


Janna and Aaron Seskin announce the arrival of their healthy baby boy, Rowan Micah. Born June 20th, 2003, he weighed 7lbs 13oz and was 20 inches long. He is loved by so many and watched over by his beautiful angel sister, Avery Nava, who was born February 23rd, 2002 and passed on February 28th, 2002. We miss you and love you so much sweet Avery!

Avery is still on my mind every day and I still wonder what it would be like for him to have his older sister here! I miss her even more sometimes because I know now what we missed out on. But there is also finally some peace in our life with this new life we have.

"The story of Avery" by Janna (6/11/02) Newborn Loss/Known Cause (GA)

"One year later... The story of Avery Nava" by Janna (2/21/03)

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Announcing...Mollie Bauckham

~ Angel Baby on Earth ~

30th July 2003
7lb 6oz

Sister of Joe

- Angel Baby in Heaven ~

Proud  Parents and Family ~ Sarah and family

Mollie was born 30th July 2003, weighing in at 7lb 6oz and 3 days overdue - something I've never done before. In fact I've never even gone to a due date before either. lol

"Mollie has arrived and Joe's 4th anniversary..." by Sarah (1/6/04) Future Pregnancy Support...

"Baby Bauckham" by Sarah (2/23/02)

"Three Years Later...I stll come to this site at least 3 times a week..." by Sarah (2/15/03)

So 4 years on I'm still coming regularly to your site because even now it helps" by Sarah (1/6/04) Notes


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Announcing... Cole William Cutler

~ Angel Baby on Earth ~

October 15, 2003
6lbs. 10 oz.
19 1/2"

Brother of Sean William Cutler / October 2, 2002

- Angel Baby in Heaven ~

Proud  Parents and Family ~ Mommy and Daddy - Michelle & Elliott Cutler

We were so happy when our second son, Cole, was born healthy and happy just over one year after we lost his older brother, Sean. However, now instead of inconsolable grief during October we can once again be happy that not only do we have Cole but we were able to hold, love and know Sean. Cole is our angel on earth just as Sean is our angel in heaven and we can take solice in knowing that Cole will never be alone, his brother Sean will always be with him just as he is always with us.

There are still times that my heart yearns to have both of my boys here with me as is will always. But I know that my precious Sean knows he is loved and missed.

Sean and Cole's parent, Michelle & Elliott

Kennesaw, Georgia


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Announcing...Jacqueline Hope Hamada

~ Angel Baby on Earth ~

January 4, 2004
12:53 pm
5 lbs 15 oz
18.5 inches

Sister of Julianna

- Angel Baby in Heaven ~

Proud  Parents and Family ~ Kevin and Lori Hamada, Atlanta, GA

Marcia...Everything went very smoothly and Jacqueline was born at 12:53 in the afternoon. I want it noted that I very much appreciate that Jacqueline was born before the start of the Packer game that day.

We got to our regular hospital room about 2:00 or so, and I was able to finish watching the game with Jacqueline in my arms (See attached picture titled 4-Touchdown…I think that’s appropriate). We spent three days in the hospital and finally got home on Wed. Lori is recovering extremely well. Jacqueline is also doing extremely well…very good sleeper…she’s waking up every 2-3 hours to be fed. Proud Parents, Kevin and Lori 1/11/04

"Remembering and honoring Julianna's first birthday/anniverary with a gift in her memory" by Kevin (1/11/04) "Outreach for Healing"

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