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SHARE Atlanta Mini-Newsletters (in PDF) Covering the SA "News"

"Healing Happens" PDF of SHARE Atlanta Families 2011 by Marcia McGinnis

SA's 5Bs: Blankets, Buntings, Bonnets, Bracelets and Booties 11.08 Mini-Newsletter...Outreach Blossoms!!

SA's 5Bs and Memory Making Gathering 8.08

SA's Mother's Day Celebration 2008 Mini-Newsletter

Special thanks to SA's Coretta Monroe and Adrianne Verbanac!

SA and MODS' 2008 Mini-Newsletter -

Top Family Team Downtown!! We are headed to National to be a Top 7th National Family Team- out of 14,000 Teams!! Special thanks to SA's Team Captain Cindy Ivey! 2008 Litany of Babies Names.

CBRS Mini-Newsletter - NEW 7.28.08

Includes brief CBRS info., history of bill, pictures, "No Heartbeat" poem by Roger Deane, and implications for larger Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Community by Marcia McGinnis

Printable GA CBRS 1 Page Information Sheet by Marcia and Erin (We are both members of SHARE Atlanta.)

SA's "No Heartbeat" - SA Parents of Babies Born Still Mini-Newsletter

Pictures, Poems, Stories about Parents in SHARE Atlanta who have experienced stillbirths

Archived Newsletters - More stories and Support

Picture page from SA's Group Meetings

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SHARE Atlanta Online Information for Winter/Spring of 2008

Monday, June 30, AJC has an article about the Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth which includes a picture of SA's Erin Dickerson!!

It is located on the front page of Section B - "Metro." I had asked Helena Oliviero who did the wonderful article about our Angel Garden in 2001 to do this article. We thank her for it! She did interview, Janice Daniels from Emory, because I suggested that because of advocacy and awareness and recognition there were programs being done for both emotional and medical support for those who experience the death of their baby. Emory's NIH Stillbirth Study is one such program. We have done a few inservices for this program as well as provide our 4 B's packets for parents in their program whose babies were stillborn.

Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Awareness Pin
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