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Dear All,

"Grief and Your Emotions" is our topic for July.

We will talk about how grief influences our emotions (sadness, anger, guilt, fear, etc.) and ways to identify our feelings and cope with them. We are on the "yo-yo" pattern of grief from the moment we learn about the loss of our child. These emotions tied with the secondary losses are what carry us down the path. Learning to understand what is happening *to* us and how to cope with these feelings and reactions makes grief "doable." We each feel that our pain and subsequent grief is unique to us. In our pain, we often believe that what we are experiencing no one else *really* could share. Our reality is different than others who are grieving. Society would like for us to believe this (and we are a part of that society). Yes, there are parts of each person's walk that are unique, but there is much common ground...more than most understand. As we come to appreciate our new reality and our new *normal*, we don't feel so alone and afraid. Healing gradually happens. While healing is an individual effort, joining together helps us sort through how we might travel our path!

The Mem and Women's Group in Acworth will meet the second Friday, July 11 at 7:30 instead of on the 4th. The Women's Meeting is on the third Wednesday, July 16, as usual, at 7 pm.

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SA's Forums

SA's Forums

SA's Forum is in full swing. Our members are what make it please come and join our moderator, Adrianne. Julie is facilitating our new Subsequent Pregnancy forum for those who are pregnant once again. They are all healed and healing bereaved moms who wish to reach out and support. On this page you will find a pdf with their pictures and stories.

SA's Inservices

We presented two huge Inservices this past winter/spring that touched Health Professionals from around the Atlanta area. Around 150 nurses, social workers, and chaplains from appromately 15 hospitals shared our power point presentation and heard from our parents. We are grateful for these opportunities to exchange information and share ideas! This connection is vital for all of us!

Our group is a group because of the parents who join us.

We care about each other and support each other as healing/grieving move along. We each bring to the group our own life story, our baby's story, and our grief. Together we work to make our grief "doable" so we can survive the tragic death of our babies. We learn ways to cope. We begin to see that life does gradually become easier to cope with. Together we support each other through our grief as we gradually heal.

Take care,


The love stays...forever in our hearts.

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