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SHARE Atlanta's May (winter/spring) 2008 Updates

Dear All,

Women's Group: CHANGE...from May 21 to May 28th...Mark your calendars.

SHARE Atlanta's BUSY last 6 Months...

WOW!! What a six months we have had at SHARE Atlanta! We got the Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth (CBRS) passed, two important hospital inservices (over 150 nurses/social workers) completed, the March for Babies done on April 26th (we will most likely be going to the National Conference and Awards once again!), and a wonderfully meaningful and fun first Mother's Day Celebration experience on May 3 (We had moms from the past and present, grandmothers, and a great grandmother join us! If you were there and would like to add your thoughts to our Mother's Day News Review, send them to me!). I can't wait to share pictures, thoughts and hopes about all of these times. These will come later in May/early June.


Parents are asking about the CBRS. The bill was signed by Gov. Perdue on May 12, 2008!! We are very excited about this!! We are planning a No Heartbeat/CBRS signing with Gov. Perdue (and our two legislative sponsors, Sen. Dan Weber and Rep. Fran Millar)for this month. We will be sending out a "how to receive a CBRS" and "general information about the CBRS" pdf soon. It is not going to be an instant easy path to receive these certificates. We will be working with the Office of Vital Records to smooth out this process. The pdf will tell you everything you will need to know to make this happen if you or someone you know has experienced a stillbirth. We will be connecting with our hospitals about the CBRS as well. As with any new event, it take some work to make this a smooth process. Please give all of us time.

May's Meeting: Significance of You and Your Baby

This month's Women's group is on May 28th NOT May 21st. The topic is "The Significance of You and Your Baby." We share our mementos, pictures and poems/thoughts about our special babies. Please bring them with you as you join us. We will also be discussing this important relationship and ways to cope with our feelings and intense pain around the loss of our precious baby. If sharing your mementos is not something you are ready to do (or if you don't have any or many) that is fine, too. We know that each parent deals with their pain differently and what you are comfortable with is important. Come and know that where ever you are is right for you.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a very difficult time for our parents. Mothers, please remember that you are a very special mommy to a very dear baby. There are ideas for approaching this day on our website and coming to the forum to share is always an option. We shared some of these options last month at our meeting. So, keep these links in mind:

Mother's Day Link

Coping Suggestions...Mementos, Ideas, etc. (Kim's bracelets and Dana's Portraits are a special ways to honor Mother's Day.)

Our group is a group because of the parents who join us.

We care about each other and support each other as healing/grieving move along. We each bring to the group our own life story, our baby's story, and our grief. Together we work to make our grief "doable" so we can survive the tragic death of our babies. We learn ways to cope. We begin to see that life does gradually become easier to cope with. Together we support each other through our grief as we gradually heal.

Take care,


The love stays...forever in our hearts.

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