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Our losses are real...

Here are some statistics to support
our need for continued emotional outreach to parents
and increased attention to vaious avenues of prevention
before and during a pregnancy.

SHARE Atlanta..
..discovering how to help others
help themselves
to heal.

Some statistics ~ to remember and to work to change….

There are 4.4 million confirmed pregnancies, in the United States, a year....


  • ...900,000 - total pregnancy losses each year

  • ...more than 1/2 million end in miscarriage. (An estimated 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage - some doctors associated with March of Dimes state 50% of pregnancies end in miscarriage.)

  • ...26,000 end in stillbirth.

  • ...19,000 end in infant death during the first month.

  • ...39,000 end in infant death during the 1st year.

  • ...1,000s more wanted pregnancies are interrupted after problems are detected.

  • ...460,000 babies in the U.S. are born too soon every year, some so small they must fight to survive.

  • ...900,000 - total pregnancy losses each year

    These estimates are based on statistics derived from a combination of March of Dimes statistical information and Last study done by Allen Wilcox, MD, New England Journal of Medicine, July 28, 1998

    There is little national data because few birth and death certificates are issued for miscarriages and stillbirths.(Therefore record keeping is poor.) Though cause of death is better defined and prevention is increasing, 50% of stillbirth losses are of an undetermined cause. Better statistics and more research are needed.

    What does a community aligned with statistics mean for the bereaved, their family and friends?

    It means that others have experienced a similar kind of loss, survived and, in various ways, are supporting the issues and the people who will come to identify with the community. This is being accomplished by increasing the resources, materials, support facilities, and medical awareness for those who are a part of the PLC (Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Community).

    Within a community we are not “alone”.

    Today, we are more clearly recognized as a community with defined issues and concerns, and we are no longer struggling for each breathe. While a community has been defined, our actual “working numbers” are still small. Those individuals who are a part of the PLC because of a loss should consider what measures they can lend to the PLC to continue the growth in a positive direction. Together we can be better heard and more quickly understood.

    October: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month Information, Details and SA's Brochure

    Activities to change our situation

  • Support parent-to-parent support groups - We continue to heal as we help each other.

    Julie, one of our members wrote to us: "I believe everyone here (at the group) would have made it. The real question is-who would we be now if we didn't have SHARE Atlanta. I know for a fact that I would be a very different person, and I'm glad I'm where I am and not in that other place."

  • Give ourselves "permission to grieve" and to "remember our special babies."

  • Make our child's life a positive presence in our own life by doing something meaningful in his or her memory

  • Tell others (parents, family, friends, medical professionals and caretakers) about emotional healing and about methods of prevention of birth defects and care during difficult pregnancies. Don't assume that they "are aware" of all of the issues. Many are, but most need more input. This website has lists of medical and emotional support groups.

  • March for March of Dimes (MODs) and support the CDC's efforts to eliminate birth defects and difficult pregnancies and NIH's move to stop stillbirths. (click on hearts for our MOD's Menu)

    SHARE Atlanta Members ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!! ... As they heal....

    SA Brief Overview - SA Member's Make A DIFFERENCE since 1984 in pdf

    "Healing Happens" PDF of SHARE Atlanta Families 2011 - Highlights HOW to Make a Difference!! by Marcia McGinnis

    SA Pictorial Timeline - Advocacy and Awareness since 1984 in pdf

    Inservices for Awareness and Advocacy..Marcia McGinnis' "The Circle of Healing" provides information for nurses, social workers, chaplains, student nurses, Stephen Ministry, etc.

    SHARE Atlanta: "The love stays..forever in our hearts."

    Jas Gabbidon, from the online newspaper, "", interviewed Marcia McGinnis and used SHARE Atlanta's Story to begin October 2011's Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month" We thank Jas for her very special article! 10.2011

    SHARE Atlanta in the News A nationally run newspaper article (with SHARE Atlanta parents) to support the need for broader outreach and understanding. This is just one of numerous newspaper and TV outreach programs that SA had done through the yeaers.

    Stopping the Loss: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Menu

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