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Memory of a Special Baby
Loss of baby...:

Pregnancy or neo-natal Loss


To My Precious Little Angel, T.J.,
Who Will Always Live In Our Hearts...

There is not one moment with you that I will ever forget.

Words cannot describe how much I will forever cherish the six days that were spent with you.
You were such a fighter, Having to go through so much at such a tender age.
And for that, How proud I will always be.


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Sites focused on Pregnancy and Neo-Natal Losses

"Meg" by her mom, Dawn

Dawn sends cards to parents in need. She has a loving picture of her daughter who was born still this past January. Their are many "keepsakes" and loving thoughts on this page.

"Angel Whisper's Resource Page for Child Loss" by Lori...Mother of 9 - 7 living, 2 in heaven.

Lori's thoughts..

"The loss of a child is the most tramatic and heartbreaking experience that could ever happen to a parent. It doesn't matter at which age you lose your child, the effect that your loss has on your life will forever change you." A loving and lovely site to visit...a beautiful memorial garden, too.

For more thoughts on this site...

  • "A Letter to Mommy" (10/4/98)

  • "I never knew" (2/9/99)

    "Our Hearts Will Go On.."

    We are a group of bereaved parents who have suffered the death of at least one baby. Here we share our photos, stories, memories and poems because we love to share about our babies and rarely get the opportunity. Includes poems, check list for family and friends, other links and beautiful pictures...

    Alexis' homepage

    Sweet Angel Alexis

    Our daughter was born January 14, 1998. She weighed 8lbs 2oz. She was healthy. Two weeks later we took her into the hospital because she had a temperature of 101 and was vomitting. The doctors sent us home with a diagnosis of a stomache flu.

    Exactly 5 days later, February 8 we brought her back in. This time she had a temperature, she became listless, unfocused, and her skin had turned gray. They called in the head of pediatrics, he immediately did a spinal tap and informed us that she could have either sepsus or meningitis. He said if it were sepsus she would probably die with in 72 hours. If it were meningitis she would probably make it. Well after waiting for hours, the results were in. We were hoping it was meningitis in which it was. Sterptococcus pneumoniae. One of the worst forms of bacterial meningitis.

    She was flown to a PICU unit 2 hours away. My husband and I drove there that night. When we got there we learned that she had stopped beathing and suffered seizures. When we saw her, she was hooked up to life support and the drugs they had given her kept her sleeping peacefully. During the next month and a half, repeated cat scans, mri's and other testing was done. To include an operation where they put in a shunt into her head to drain the CSF fluid. The bacteria had killed about 90-95% of her brain. The doctors said she would remain a vegetable the rest of her life, and never know anyone or her surroundings. We had a choice to keep her on life support or take her off.

    It is the hardest decision for any mother and father to have to make for their child. Especially being so young. There is alot of guilt that I have, and my heart breaks for my little girl. I know we made the right decision to let her go. But still the pain will always be there.

    We have two other children, a boy and girl. They are the most precious little ones. We've learned alot from this experience, never take your kids for granted. God bless our little girl who we love so much. We are devoted to sharing our story to make others more aware of this deadly infection.

    -Loving you forever Sweet Angel Alexis
    Mommy and Daddy

    Alexis Kimberly Kull
    Other/Sterptococcus pneumoniae - bacterial meningitis.

    Shreveport, La

    Please consider adding a link to your page:

    The Meningitis Foundation of America

    You can also contact David Spilker of the MFA about doing so if you wish. Thank You So Much for your site.

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    Sites focused on SIDS Losses

    "Goodnight sweet angel, because mommy doesn't believe in goodbye. We love and miss you, BECCA"

    Thoughts from Jean

    I lost my angel Baby BECCA when she was 11 weeks old to SIDS(Sudden infant death syndrome Also known as crib death and cot death) She was healthy her whole life except the morning I woke up to find her father and grandmother screaming. She died in the early morning hours(between 4 and 5 a.m) of new years day 1999. Beacc was and is still my world. Please at least visit her page and sign the guest book. REBECCA "BECCA" CHRISTENM
    10-16-98 through 1-1-99
    Greeneville, TN

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    "Hello, Goodbye. A site for those who have lost a baby."

    Information and support for sad parents and their friends and family.

    I created this site in memory of my daughter, Amy Dawn, to honour her life and memory. I also hoped that this site could help other sad parents to know that they are not alone in their pain and suffering.

    Amy Dawn Mountney
    February 5, 2000

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