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Memory of a Special Baby
Loss due to:

Congenital Conditions

Maternal Issues

"A twinkle in our eyes, Hearts,
and now the Heavens."
In memory of
Michaela Hope Bucher

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Sites focused on Losses due to Congenital Conditions...

Michaela's Hope (website in her memory...She was born with anencelphaly.) by Missy

"A twinkle in our eyes, Hearts,
and now the Heavens."

We miss you sweetie and love you ALWAYS!

Kisses and Hugs,
Mommy, Daddy, Cole and Austin

Michaela Hope Bucher
Windom, MN

"Mary Elizabeth" by Steve and Patricia

Our baby, Mary Elizabeth, was born on September 3, 1998, with anencephaly. She lived for 34 hours. We started a memorial page with pictures of her and details of her life at...We miss her very much.

Steve + Patricia
Conyers, GA

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"Eternity Aziza" by Jodi

Eternity Aziza. We lost her on November 6, 1999, due to Severe Skeletal Dysplasia( most likely, Campomelic Dysplasia-pending diagnosis). We miss her so much.

"Eternity Aziza's Name... " by Jodi (11/15/99)

Eternity Aziza
Second trimester loss
Tacoma, WA

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Sites focused on Losses due to Maternal Issues

Michael Andrew by Kevin and Lisa

"He was tiny, 7 ounces and 8 inches long. We named him Michael Andrew. Lisa's water broke, leaving Michael with very little, if any fluid around him...

Dedicated to Taylor Hope Bohach by her parents

Stephen Bohach who founded: THE HELLP SYNDROME SOCIETY in August of 1995. The site provides a description of the Hellp syndrome, symtoms and precautions. Also, the story of Taylor Hope and her parents. They have started a fund in her memory to further support parents who have experienced this tragic syndrome and to explore and understand more about the syndrome.

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