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Memory of a Special Baby

Loss of One of twins or multiples

Loss of All of a multiple pregnancy...

Sites focused on Loss of One of twins or multiples

Dedicated to Megan Louise Schulz...

Firstborn child of Lynne and Luke Schulz twin to Rhys
Big sister to Eric and Owen

Loss in a multiple pregnancy : information and support - links, poems, stories and other resources around multiple loss.

"Giana' Memorial Webpage" by Beth

Beth's thoughts...Loss of One Twin

Giana was bornstill on Aug. 12, 1996, due to nucal cord (2x's). Giana was the eldest of a set of twins. They were born at 36 weeks. Giana was 6 lbs. 5 ozs. and Kira Nellene was 6 lbs. They were born vaginally 4 minutes apart. It was a terrifying shock to us to have Giana die. I had a textbook pregnancy, and we had no indication that anything would go wrong.

It is still very difficult for me to deal with her death sometimes. The only way I feel better is to talk about her 8 months of life in my womb and how much that time together meant to me. I miss her deeply, everyday of my life.

Giana Gael Berhow
Aug. 12,1996
Albuqueruqe, NM

Marcia's thoughts: Parents in our group that have had similar experiences share that having the sweet child at home is so very special but at times is a constant reminder of the little one they have lost. They also share that the time and energy spent with the living baby makes grieving for the one that is lost very difficult. It seems that they have to "work" overtime in order to heal. I think the website is a very special coping idea. It helps gives a place to focus your love and thoughts for Giana.

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Sites focused on Loss of All of a multiple pregnancy... ...

In Loving Memory of My the Carters

Conrad Grant Carter ~ Dec 26, 1996 - Mar 9, 1997
Michael Kenneth Carter ~ Still Born Jan 5, 1997
Emiliegrace Lucia Carter ~ Jan 5, 1997 - Feb 13, 1997

John Samuel and Michael Patrick Reagan by Dawn

"On the evening of Valentines's Day, 1985, I gave birth to identical twin sons John Samuel and Michael Patrick Reagan by emergency cesarian section...(preterm labor)"

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