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U.S.A Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Support Groups

Metro Atlanta's Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Support Groups

Loss of Multiples or One of Multiples- SA supports numerous parents who have experienced this type of loss.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS)- SA is working with a local SIDS Peer Group so there is another option for support for parents who have experienced this type of loss.

Grief Support Groups/Websites for Families who have lost children of any age.

Overseas & International Languages Support Groups

Infertility Support

General Grief Websites

"Why go to a support group?

Support Groups in the United States

Houston's Aid in Neonatal Death (H.A.N.D.)
  • Offers support by providing their newsletter, information and local activities. Parent led!
  • It is very nice to have so much support in Texas!

    Sarah's Sadness 1st posted 1/15/01

  • A Place for Jewish Women Who Have Suffered a Miscarriage, a Stillbirth,Or the Death of a Child Younger Than 30 Days Old
  • "It is my hope that this site will provide you with some information, prayers and rituals that you can use to bring you solace. I pray that what you find and those you speak to will help you move from the darkness into the light, from the despair of the other mourners in Zion to the hope and comfort that G-d offers to each Jewish woman, at all times in her life. I do this in memory of my little girl born too soon."

    MEND ~ Mommies Enduring Neonatal Death 1st posted 9/97

  • "M.E.N.D. (Mommies Enduring Neonatal Death) is a Christian, non-profit organization that reaches out to families who have suffered the loss of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant death"
  • MEND's Newsletters are onsite

    M.I.S.S.(Mothers in Sympathy and Support) ~ 1st posted 10/97

  • "M.I.S.S. is a grass roots organization dedicated to supporting parents one to one after the death of an infant or young child."
  • "Referrals to peer contacts and ancillary organizations offered."
  • Read a story about Cheyenne by Joanne on our site... "Cheyenne" by her mother (2/98)

    National SHARE

  • Has listings to some other groups

    Christian Miscarriage Support Group 1st posted 2/02

  • Links to pregnancy information
  • Good information about miscarriage

    Parallel 1st posted 12/98

  • Non-profit community organization of parents who have experience pregnancy or neo-natal loss
  • Located in Rochester, NY
  • Memorial Garden, various kinds of support groups
  • Phamphlet of information for loss and subsequent pregnancy


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    Groups in Metro Atlanta Area...

    SHARE Atlanta - We have groups, forums, and activities for healing

    Perinatal Loss Support @ Northside Hospital: 404-851-8177; Aimee Alexander, RN is Northside's Perinatal Loss Coordinator

    1. Numerous Support Groups facilitated by members of the N'side Perinatal Loss Team.

    2. N'side has information about and links for Pregnancy and Newborn loss on their website.

    HOPE (Helping Other Parents Endure): 770-424-8326

    Monthly group meets at First Baptist Church, Marietta, first Wed. each month. Group leader is Renee Cain. Open to all families with losses from early pregnancy through the death of a child age 5.

    The Compassionate Friends Atlanta, Ga. Area Chapters ~ Great newsletter and especially supportive for families who have lost children who were older than a month old. Though they are supportive of all who come through their doors.

    The Healing Choice(Post Abortion Support Group)

  • Local Support: 404-378-4167, ext. 4 Support group to deal with the emotional aftermath of an elective abortion. Group leader is Jane Mahone, licensed professional coundselor. Located in Decatur - cost involved.


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    Support for loss of a Multiple or of Multiples...

    CLIMB 1st posted 6/97

  • Welcome to the website of CLIMB, the Center for Loss in Multiple Birth, Inc. We are parents throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and beyond who have experienced the death of one or more, both or all of our twins or higher multiples at any time from conception through birth, infancy and childhood. We originated in 1987.

    POMs..1st posted 2/99

    A unique site providing support and resources for parents who experience the loss of one or some of their multiple birth children, either during pregnancy or anytime after birth, including childhood.

    Twinless Twins Support Group...1st posted 2/99

    To serve in support of twins (all multiple births) who suffer from the loss of companionship of their twin through death, estrangement, or in-utero loss.


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    Support Groups Overseas or for International Languages...

    Spanish sites
  • Listing of Spanish sites on SHARE Atlanta's Spanish speaking site..

    The Miscarriage Association OF IRELAND 1st posted 2/02

    SANDS - Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Support - One of several SANDs groups in Australia

  • These parents have continued to provide a wealth of good and helpful information.
  • The dedication pages are very special.

    SANDS - Groups in England and Scotland

    Bonnie Babes Foundation 1st posted 12/98

  • Non-profit organisation formed in 1994.
  • Run by volunteers - only one of its type in Australia
  • Raises funds for medical research
  • Provides grief counseling


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    Infertility Support...

    RESOLVE National Home Page
  • Includes listing of state chapters.
  • Support and information for infertility.

    Hannah's Prayer
  • Parent led Christain support group for Fertility Challenges.
  • Links to other groups.
  • Very loving and lovely format.


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    Sudden Infant Death Sydrome ~ SIDS Network and Support - national and local (has Georgia's listing) - excellent site and group

    First Candle - Previously SIDS Alliance
  • Lists SIDS groups in the US


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    Supportive Grief Support Groups for Families who have lost children of any age.

    The Compassionate Friends has Atlanta, Ga. Area Chapters ~ Especially supportive for families who have lost children who were older than a month old. Though they are supportive of all who come through their doors.

    Bereaved Parents USA ~

    Bereaved Parents of the USA (BP/USA) is a nationwide organization designed to aid and support bereaved parents and their families who are struggling to survive their grief after the death of a child.  Any bereaved parent, sibling or grandparent is eligible to become a member of BP/USA. Members are free to attend monthly meetings of their chapter, or any other chapter, as often and as long as necessary to meet their needs.

    Rainbows Peer Support

    RAINBOWS is an international non profit organization with peer grief support programs to serve all family members after a loss. SunBeams-Preschool age, Rainbows-Elementary age, Spectrum-HS age, Kaleidoscope-College Age and Prism-single and step-parent. All support groups are offered at no cost and are held in local school and faith-based centers. In GA call 770-321-9636.

    Bereaved Families of Ontario Support Center
  • Information on children, father's, and mother's grief
  • Information directly dealing with pregnancy and neo-natal loss.
  • Good book list for our purposes (see below for direct link).

    Welcome to Ethans House the online home to bereaved parents and their families.....New 2/99
  • Anyone who has lost a child, including SIDS, gestational,neonatal, or accidental loss; miscarriage, termination of pregnancy, loss of an adult child, car accidents, cancer, illness or any of the many ways a child can die

    Grief, Loss and Recovery by Maribeth Wilder Doerr
  • General information and support about grief.
  • Children and grief information
  • Good book list (see below for direct link)


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    Supportive General Grief Websites

    Crisis, Grief and Healing by Tom Golden
  • A place to learn more about grief. Focus on Men's Grief. There is a section on Men and Women's grief.

    Growth House ~ 1st posted 10/97
  • "International gateway to resources for life-threatening illness and end of life issues" - for loss at every stage of life
  • Chat Lines
  • Resources and links to other grief sites - very comprehensive!

    The Alliance of Genetic Support Groups 1st posted 2/99
  • Long list of National Support groups for many different conditions, diseases, and needs.
  • Both Medical and Emotional

    Willowgreen ~ Online Support around many grief and death issues


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