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Advancing the Cause of "The Pregnancy and Newborn Community"
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Advocacy and Awareness

A Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Community - Awareness and Advocacy brings Research, Studies, Legislation, etc.

The Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Community is growing in visibility and understanding of its issues. After twenty plus years of growing unity, our numbers and issues are becoming very well defined.

To further our causes it will be helpful to join hands and support one another in what we are trying to achieve. We do this by promoting awareness and advocacy of our issues and needs - both medical and emotional.

Through our growing connections, we can start to do what communities, groups, and organizations like - SIDS, AA, The Compassionate Friends, Cancer, etc are doing...continue to raise awareness and promote prevention, understanding, and/or support for the emotional and/or medical needs of those who are touched by the issues involved in their programs.

Several goals

  • Each loss is the loss of a real child
  • "Permission to grieve to heal" and medical support for all losses
  • Medical research, preventive procedures, and support during all pregnancies
  • We want to come to a place where a woman who has a miscarriage or any other kind of pregnancy loss does not deny her loss or her emotional thoughts and needs because society dismisses the loss as "insignificant." It is in raising awareness of the importance of the loss - as a real human being - that medical reasons will be researched, prevention will be encouraged, and emotional support will be a "given."

    Advocacy means increased emotional and medical support

    Then our losses will no longer be suffered in silence and confusion. Every parent will be given the opportunity to "grieve" and to heal and to find medical and emotional support after a loss - of any kind.

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