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Our/My Experience Newborn Loss

Garth Brooks has a song called "The Dance" and there is a line that says:

"I'm glad I didn't know the way it all would end,
the way it all would go.

Our lives are better left in chance,
I could have missed the pain,
but I'd have to miss the dance."

And it's true, I would not have given back any of the pain if I would have had to miss spending those three days with the most amazing and brave person to ever come in to my life. Christy (Palmyra, NY)

"Your Baby is Sick"

Each child is special

Where the parent has known or stated the reason their baby died, I have listed that after the story. Often reading about a similar experience reassures a parent that we each do the "best we can at the time," and that noone needs to feel isolated in their loss.

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