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" share our story, thoughts, pictures, etc.
is to put a framework around our experience.
Slowly, ever so slowly,
healing begins and hope comes in little bursts..."

To share your story on our site, to read other's stories, or to email the writer....

1. To include your experience: use the "Sharing Stories or Thoughts Form" (click on book icon below)

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3. To email a direct response to the person who wrote the entry: Under each entry there is a little green house, Click on "E-mail " and exchange thoughts and ideas directly with the person. Some of the old emails may be out of date, but try them. Many people have sent me "updated" emails through the years.

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    The links on this page are to pages where parents have shared their actual experience. Other "Menus" (see Main Drop Down Box) have e-mails with thoughts such as: coping ideas, healing stories, anniversary or due date thoughts, etc.

    I appreciate your "notes" and thank yous. It means much to me to hear from you. It helps me know what works and doesn't. Your support of the site means a lot to me. Marcia

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    "By sharing my story,
    my baby's memory will live forever..."

    A SHARE Mom

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