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"Outreach for Healing" March of Dimes' Walk America

Help Prevent Pregnancy Loss and Newborn Death

Our MOD's #562 Team shirts state:
"SHARE Atlanta helping the MODs put us out of business"

Team 2003 SHARE Atlanta: (L-R) Emily and Polly Keen, Karen Verner, Christie and Kathryn McGraw (in stroller), Leon McGinnis, Kevin and Lori Hamada, Marcia McGinnis (seated), Kendra Pakutch, Pam Renner, Amy and Bennet McFaun with Colin and Riley (in double stroller), Tracy, Kate (in stroller), Brooke, and Blake Baker, Allison Ryan, Jennifer and Grace Greer (in stroller).

Sign-up to raise funds. We are team #562 or Team SHARE Atlanta and will be walking at Centennial Olympic Park on 4.22.06!

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Walking with SHARE Atlanta's team - MOD's - Where, How, and Who?

Why? What does MOD's do for SHARE Atlanta and parents in our community?

Join Our Team! Specific Instructions to Register for MODs WalkAmerica for SHARE Atlanta

Join SHARE Atlanta's Team But Walk at Another Location...

Can't Walk but wish to participate?

How - tax deductible, info., who to make check out to, etc.

March of Dimes' Office that receives SHARE Atlanta's donations

Order SHARE Atlanta shirt that supports our MOD's walk and SHARE Atlanta's mission!

Where, When and How Long?

  • Locally ~ Centennial Olympic Park
    With SHARE Atlanta's MOD's "562" Team

  • Saturday Morning, April 28, 2007

  • The walk is 5.2 miles long.

  • Encouragment and support: Vans come along frequently for anyone who wishes a "lift" back to the park. Juice, fruit and bagels are given out along the way! And, various stations along the way have people to cheer walkers on and to offer any support that might be needed.

  • Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta, GA

    North Park
    265 Park Ave. West NW

  • 9:00 AM - Walk begins, but please meet between 7:45 and 8:00 by the fountain...We take our Team pictures during this time.

  • The walk takes place rain or shine! If there is severe weather, obviously the walk would be cancelled. Turn to Star 94 for updates.
  • Email (see below) our SHARE Atlanta team captin, to let us know you are joining us.



  • Friends and family are welcomed and encouraged to join us.

  • We will all be wearing a T-shirt for our team - see below for shirts.

  • You can make a memorial pin to wear in memory of you baby(s) or we will be handing out name tags that you can write your name and your baby(s) on it, if you wish to. We walk in honor and in memory of our special babies.

  • Be sure to wear your Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Pin, too.

  • Because of what we wear during our walk, two things often happen...because people question what our slogan means or our pins mean, etc.:

    a. We share about our group and some bereaved parents have joined us in our group. They had not known about us.

    b. It opens doors for others to better understand some of our issues.

    Note: We usually carry our SHARE Is brochures and some of our business cards that briefly describe our cause. If you are walking somewhere else, ask for some of these from your meeting facilitator so you will have them ready!

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    WHY? What does March of Dimes do?

  • Prematurity is the focus of the walk and claims 20% of the 19,000 babies a year who die before they are a month old. The issues that cause prematurity are the very same issues that often take the lives of our babies (toxemia, placental issues, lack of folic acid, HELLP, etc.) MODs does research into the causes and preventions for all birth defects and "difficult" pregnancies. This is an "advocacy" that we have long needed in the Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Community.

  • Education to help women have healthy pregnacies and to recoginize the signs of preterm labor.

  • Assistance for health care providers in better identifying women at risk for preterm birth and difficult pregnancies so support will happen.

  • Help for pregnant women with questions and concerns through the Pregnancy and Newborn Health Education Center (1-888-MODIMES or so they can realize that their concerns are valid and seeking medical support is necessary and OKAY.

  • Medical advocacy: When we march with March of Dimes, we are advocating more medical support. We are encouraging more research, prevention, and intervention by the medical profession. Our parents need to know how to help themselves to stop difficult pregnancies, birth defects, and lost babies.

  • For More General Information about WalkAmerica and how YOU might help - click on ball

  • In the last five years, we have raised over $70,000! Each time we are recognized, more parents learn about our "options" for healing. We have won eight awards for our efforts. The most cherished reward would be to prevent losses so our group would no longer be needed. (Marcia McGinnis)

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    Join Our Team! Specific Instructions to Register for MODs WalkAmerica for SHARE Atlanta

    Apply Online

    MODs tells us that people raise more money by participating "online." MODs will send you your own URL when you create your own website. Then you send a note and your URL to all of your would-be donors. MODs also sends a "thank you" note for those who send you a donation.

    This entire process is very easy. Here are some "Specific Instructions.."

    MODs WalkAmerica Site - click on blue icon after reading "how" below...

    CLICK ON: Register Online Now!
    SELECT: I am walking with and EXISTING company, school, organization, Family Team or other group
    SELECT: Georgia
    Scroll down.
    SELECT: 7
    SELECT: Share Atlanta (100 Jay Trail Fayetteville, GA)
    SELECT: Change Walksite - If you wish to walk somewhere other than the Downtown Atlanta walksite
    COMPLETE: Your Personal Profile


    E-mail Cindy if you have any questions and to let her know you are going to walk "with" or "for" us.

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    Join SHARE Atlanta's Team But Walk at Another Location...

    1) Follow the same directions as if walking "with" our team but choose the "Change Walksite" option. Make sure to register under FAMILY TEAMS: SHARE Atlanta.

    2) Then, if you are walking at a site other than the Downtown Walksite all your online donations will go directly to MODS for SHARE Atlanta. For any donations that you collect off-line, you will need to mail them - in check form - along with your Sponsor Form, to the March of Dimes Atlanta office. Then, SHARE Atlanta will get credit for your fundraising. You will have until the end of May, 2006 to mail in your donations, see MODs' Atlanta address below.

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    Can't Walk but wish to participate?

    If you don't wish to walk, there isn't a "walk site" near you, or you can't walk for any reason, but wish to donate funds to our cause, that is fine. Numerous of our members will gladly add your donation to their efforts - all the money goes to MODs!

    Pick a SA member to donate to! SA's Member's URLs to their WalkAmerica Page with stories and pictures!

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    How - tax deductible, information about who to make check out to, and where and when to send cash and checks, etc.

  • All donations are tax-deductible. We do have receipts available for those donors/walkers that need them.

  • Checks should be made out to the March of Dimes. Write "SHARE Atlanta" On the checks that you receive, in the "Memo" section, with your name. Then both you and our team will get credit for the donation.

  • Sponsor Forms: Online(credits cards and Paypal)and Off-line (checks/cash) donations will be directed to SHARE Atlanta.

    Your "sponsor form" found online will need to have both your online and off-line donations. Online donations are tracked automatically, but you must add your off-line donations as you receive them. Just before the walk, you will print a copy and either mail it (with checks/no cash, please) directly to the MODs office (easiest for all!) or bring these to Cindy at the Downtown Walk site so she can turn it in. If you collect more money, you have until the end of May, 2006 to mail in all of your donations.

  • A reminder email will go out just before the walk IF we have your email address. So be sure to let Cindy know you wish to walk.

  • If you do not have access to the internet let our captain know, and she will mail you a Sponsor Form and Team Envelops to use. If you need help with the online Sponsor Form, please feel free to call or email Cindy. It is very easy and makes fundraising a breeze.

    E-mail Cindy to let her know you are walking.

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  • March of Dimes Address for SHARE Atlanta donations:

    March of Dimes
    Georgia Chapter
    1776 Peachtree Street, Suite 100
    Atlanta, Georgia 30309

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    SHARE Atlanta Team Shirts

  • SHARE Atlanta's pictures

  • Shirt costs: $10. a piece. We offer the shirt at cost, no money will be made from the shirt sales.

  • Shirt's look: Cream color/burgundy letters - short sleeves - On front: a picture of our angel and a the words: My Angel..with a space for you to write with a fabric pen your baby (s) name (s). On the back: our logo, our website, and the words: "SHARE Atlanta helping the MODs put us out of business."

  • The shirt could be worn at ANYTIME to show our support for MOD's efforts and to tell about SHARE Atlanta. You can order a shirt and NOT walk, and help out the both causes we all hold so dear. Our shirts have brought members to our group!

  • To order: Coretta is taking the orders. State size (s), name, address, phone number- she will be in touch about payment, etc.

  • We will hand them out at the Women's Group's April meeting and at the Walk on Sat. morning. Marcia will also have them at her home between the Women's meeting and Sat.

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