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Miscarriage - Why Grieve?
Entries '97-'99

Our babies are our dreams...
Our future...

Although you were ours for only a few weeks,
we will never forget you.
...we (Daddy and I) talked about who you would look like.
We decided you had your mommy's hair and smile,
and your daddy's eyes. We knew you'd be smart and kind,
and most of all, very, very loved.
Belmont, CA

Special children - we have "known" for a long time

An early loss often receives little support from those around us because people feel we didn't "know" our baby-to-be. I believe that we started thinking about this child as we played "mommy and daddy" as children. Most of us grow up in an atmosphere that is full of children with society pointing us in that direction.

This page are e-mails that focus on the reasons why we grieve for these special babies. We planned for them, we "knew" them for many different reasons, we often think of their future before we even conceive them. We grieve because we have lost a precious part of us.

Letters and Poems

"Dashed Dreams" by Gwen (11/97)

"My baby was real to me..." by Melissa (11/97)

"Seems like yesterday..." by Doreen (2/98)

"Pinto Bean Lost Forever" by Melissa (2/98)

"Sweetpea..." by Trysh (3/98)

"To our sweet angel ~ Our Christmas Miracle" by Anna (4/98)

"Avalah ~ Sweet little bird" by Donna (6/98)

To See My Baby Play" by Teresa (6/98)

"I miss all the talks me and daddy had about you, and things we were going to do for you and with you." by Shannon (7/98)

"To Our Dearest Angel," by Dawn (9/23/98)

"Patrick Jaemison Hendrick" by Kris (10/22/98)

"I Know You Were 'Matthew'" by Melina (2/8/99)

"The Unbearable Ache" by Nickie (2/21/99)

"My heart and soul, Brock Skylar. Feb 5 1999" by Shari (2/24/99)

"A month ago I saw my twins hearts beating and I began to dream...." by Tina (3/17/99)

"Our Sweet Angel" by Mandy (4/13/99)

"True Loss" by Elizabeth (4/16/99)

"Rachel" by Kimmie (6/16/99)

"Missed" by Stephanie (6/22/99)

"OUR ANGELS" by Leigh Anne (9/24/99)

"IT WAS A BABY TO ME--" by Melissa (11/24/99)

Gwen's letter is actually a dedication. It is put here because it clearly states how dreams can be made and dashed so quickly, and how a miscarried baby leaves an empty place in our dreams as well as in our daily lifes.

In Loving Memory of Our Two Little Angels,
"Wolfgang" - 9/96 and "Jake" -9/97

Neither one of you could stay with us long. All of the excitement and dreams of watching you grow up, vanished so quickly. We learned how many hopes and plans can be made in a few short weeks.

I know that if we are blessed with more children, that our first two children will watch over them with all the joy that your father and I will. Some day we will finally be able to hold you in heaven, my angels.

"Wolfgang" and "Jake"
Campbellford, Ont.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Although I lost our baby at only four to six weeks along,
my baby was as real to me as those
who grow to adulthood are to their parents.

This will always be my first child, even though I don't even know if it was a boy or girl. My husband and I will never forget about our first child or stop missing it. I just hope I live a good enough life here on earth that I'll be reunited with my baby in Heaven.

Baby Brock
McMinnville, TN

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Seems like yesterday:

On February 10, 1997, I found out I was pregnant after so many years of disappointment. Seeing other people's children, never holding my own.

My goal in life was to find the perfect man to settle down with and start a family. I found that in Wendel.

So after many years of trying, our dreams were finaly coming true. I was ready to give up all together when it finally happened on Feb. 10, 1997. Just to be sure we tested again on Valetines Day - IT WAS POSITIVE! That was the happiest day in our lives. No baby could have been more wanted or hoped for.

I remember staring at myself in the mirror and imagining how much bigger I was going to get. Our due date was 9-21-97. A date forever eched in my heart.

Five day later I began to spot, pink at first, then much heavier. I went to the ER. Blood was taken, and I was examed and told: "You're having a threaten m/c go home on bedrest and see your doctor in a week." Afraid and confused we went home.

I eventualy went to a relative's home, but I knew we were doomed. I had begun to bleed quite heavily by now; no bed rest could help.

The day I saw my doctor, she sent me for a u/s. After what seemed like an eternity, they found my little one.

He had stopped growing at 5 weeks. No heartbeat could be found. I spoke with my doctor and she set the date 2-27-97.

I went into the hospital as an expectant mom only to come out with no baby, only memories of what it felt like to be mom-to-be. September has come and gone leaving in its wake another February - that holds only dreams and shadows of yesterday.

Visit Healing a Loss after a Miscarriage...Doreen's Diary

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Pinto Bean Lost Forever

A life had begun to grow inside me, love filled my soul. Finally a dream would forever come true.

I knew the gentle life: I'd Need to nurture and so with every breath I took, my heart would recall his tiny beating heart..

When I saw life inside me, A heart beating rapid a form taking place, I knew that he or she was precious, a part of Daddy a part of me.

We cried in each others arms when the little heart beat of life showed the bond we did share. Together with our love a itty bitty baby, we would soon hear...

It was such a triumphant moment as we had waited so long to bring the gift of life in to our awaiting arms.

The relief we felt when we saw life inside brought treasure and comfort in to our eyes. For years we had awaited such a splendid suprise was God watching and just decided it was time?

The life we saw together was soon to pass as God soon ripped our little angel from our lives and carried him on his way.

A little soul taken before his life began, yes that wonderous suprise dies before we held him in our hands. Our lives were suddenly shattered and such loss we felt when only days before his heart beat fast and sure.

My eyes swelled with tears and my heart ripped with pain, how could life bring such torture such sorrow such vain? Why when we tried for so long?

We cried together as his gentle soul passed through me, we cried in mourning of our little pinto bean who yes already had his own nick name from Daddy.

Life seems so unfair when all we had hoped finally came true, what evil did we do that took this precious part of me and you?

I fear that we can not endure this treatury of pain, why bring us life to simply whisk it away?

In loving memmory of our lost child nick named Pinto bean

Melissa & Jason
Pinto Bean (Nick Name)
Toledo, OH

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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As I sit here in front of the computer, I can feel the emptiness inside my womb. Your 10 short weeks of life will live with me forever in my heart.

I will never forget you and will love you always. Sleep with the angles Sweetpea until we are united in Heaven together again.

Medina, OH

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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To our sweet angel ~ Our Christmas Miracle,

You are our first baby. You will always be our first baby. You were conceived after almost a year of trying, and many months of hoping and praying.

Although you were ours for only a few weeks, we will never forget you. When your daddy and I found out about you, we talked about who you would look like. We decided you had your mommy's hair and smile, and your daddy's eyes. We knew you'd be smart and kind, and most of all, very, very loved.

We will always have the memories of finding out about you, dreaming about you, and loving you.

I know that you are in a safe and caring place, and you are looking down, watching over your daddy and me.

We love you,
Mommy and Daddy

Our Christmas Miracle
Belmont, CA

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Avalah ~ Sweet little bird

This was a very wanted baby. A very loved baby. We had tried for 4 years to conceive. What a delight when our Dr. told me on April 16th that we were going to have a baby!

But joy turned to sorrow on May 28th, when at 10 weeks, I began to bleed and cramp. I felt like my body had betrayed me. Why couldn't I protect the baby that I loved?

Was rushed to the hospital because I had lost so much blood. An emergency D & C was preformed. My womb that once held new life was now empty along with my arms.

I was placed in post-partum to recover. I heard babies crying. I even had a nurse ask me if I wanted to feed my baby. This was pouring salt into my wounded heart.

It has been 2 weeks...sometimes it feels like 2 years, and sometimes it feels like 2 minutes.

I wrote her a poem...I miss her so much.

Sweet little bird

You flew into our lives for 10 weeks...
10 weeks of hopes
10 weeks of dreams
10 weeks of joy
But you had to leave us

You had to use your wings to fly to another place
A place where you will never feel pain or frustration
A place where you will never hurt
But I do, my sweet baby

I long to hold you in my arms
I long to nurse you at my breast
I long to kiss your soft cheek
I know you are safe in His Arms

But Avalah,
My sweet little bird
You will always be in my heart

Your Mama

(*During my pregnancy I received many things with bluebirds on them. A newborn nighty, a beautiful glass bluebird, cards, a bluebird that sings...I decided to name our baby "Avalah" which means little bird)

Avalah Faith Cooper
Winter Park, FL

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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To See My Baby Play

I saw you for the third time today
I went to see my baby play
but as they searched for your heart
I layed there praying it would start

No wiggle did you try to make
No beating did my eyes partake
My sweet baby died before
I was able to endure
the tiny fingers the little toes
the breaths and cries a Mommy knows

I cried and cried in disbelief
My heart shattered as I grieved
I chose to carry you absent of life
in hopes the doctor's were not right
Though deep down in my heart I know
I saw myself what the sonogram showed
I cannot let go nor can I see
with you still resting inside of me
but still I keep you safe and warm
knowing you will never be born

No I will never forget the day
I went to see my baby play.

June 9th, 1998
In Memory of Heather,
Until we see you in heaven.
Mommy & Daddy

"Don't Take Her" by Teresa (7/98)

Mommy and Daddy
Jacksonville, FL

Visit Teresa's site for Heather "Heather"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Oh sweet Angel of mine, your mommy loves you so much. Even though everyone has seem to forgotten, you always know that mommy never will. There is not a day that passes that mommy doesn't think of you.

Oh how I wish that I could have held you just once. I wish I knew if you were a boy or a girl. I have fallen in love with you in that short 4 to 6 weeks I carried you. I miss the way if felt to have a belly that had a little bump, that bump was you my dear sweet Angel.

I miss all the talks me and daddy had about you, and things we were going to do for you and with you. Oh baby of mine how I wish had just one minute to hold you, to see what you looked like, to see your tiny fingers and tiny toes and tiny button nose. I wish I could have kissed you and told you that I love you.

Sweet baby Angel never ever forget mommy loves you. Your mommy and daddy's first baby and always will be no matter what.

Love your Mommy

March 24, 1998
Miami, FL

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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To Our Dearest Angel,

I want you to know that even know you were only with us for 9 weeks we still love and miss you. We don't know if you were a boy or girl but we would be happy just to have you. Your daddy and I were so excited when we heard that you were in my tummy.

It is really hard for me to understand why you had to leave, but I know you are safe with God and your other brother or sister.

Here is something daddy wrote for you:

You touched our lives for only a short time. We will never know how you will have turned out, but you are still special to us.

will never know the love we have for you. It is not fair because we will never get to experience playing in the park with you, or watching you play baseball, or watching you in your dance recitals.

We know you are in good hands with our family and God in heaven. One day we will be together again in the arms of God. Until then always know that we will always love you and miss you Baby Price. Watch over me and your mommy and please help mommy understand why you cannot be with us. You will always be in our hearts.

We love and miss you!


Mom and Dad

Blake Daniel or Haley Nicole/Baby Price
8/7/98 Groves, Tx

Marcia's Thoughts: You have given so many reasons why we miss these special babies. We call these "secondary losses - the loss of being a parent of a living child, the loss of our future with this child, the loss of our hopes and dreams with this child..." These are very real losses and add to our grief of miscarriage.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Patrick Jaemison Hendrick

I had waited almost five years for you my dear one. I knew from the day I had your brother, Cyle I wanted more children.

Within a week of finding out about you I started getting the nursery ready for your arrival. I had everything done in less than a week. I began buying little things I would need.

I went for my first sonagram, and came away with a picture of you. That picture is now in a frame in the crib where you would have slept. I can see the image of your beautiful face.

I was on top of the were all I could talk about. Your brother was so proud...he told everyone about you. I walked around with my hand on my stomach, "holding" you all the time.

I went in for my three month checkup, relieved that I had made it past the first couple of months, thinking you were safe. Then the doctor gave me the news. Your heart was not beating, and you had stopped developing at nine weeks. My life came to a crashing halt at that moment.

Even now, seven months later, I still can't bear to take down the things in the nursery. That is my only connection with you now, a place where I can go and be close to you.

My arms ache to hold I sit and hold a teddy bear close to my heart and wish it was you. I will never forget you P.J. You were my precious little one...

I'll Always Love You Baby...


Patrick Jaemison Hendrick
White Deer, Tx

Marcia's thoughts: ... your feelings and reactions will help other parents know what they are feeling is normal. We know these special babies so early and we grieve because we love our baby, and lost such a special part of us as well as our dreams for our future.

The fifth to seventh month after a loss are very hard...if you haven't it might help for you to read Sharing Stories, "The First Year". It helps understand a little better what might be going on during this time.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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I Know You Were "Matthew"

We have two wonderful daughters aged 4 and 2, and on October 5(my 25th birthday) we found out we were expecting another angel. We were so happy, and the girls were so excited, they said they wanted a brother. To me, it didn't matter.

As the days passed, I began to talk to my baby, and it just clicked one day, it's a boy, its Matthew! I don't know how, but I just knew.

Then on Nov.10th, it started, the tiniest amount of bleeding, but I knew it was over.

After an ultrasound confirmed my greatest fears, that the pregnancy was over, I was a mess. They told me that the baby never developed past 5 wks, and that they couldn't even find a formed heart.

How could this be, I felt him, I talked to him, I know he was there, I know he was alive, even for a moment. I will try again, but no matter what they tell me...

I know you were "Matthew" and you always will be in my heart.

Nov. 13/98
Toronto, ont Canada

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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The Unbearable Ache

When will it end, this unbearable ache that fills my whole chest, comes up into my throat and feels like it will split me in half.

I lost my precious baby at 6 weeks. I never had the joy of seeing her on an ultrasound screen, of hearing the heartbeat for the first time, or feeling those first flutters of movement which are almost like being tickled on the inside.

I feel so cheated - I should be nine weeks pregnant and feeling nauseous and exhasted. I should be shopping for some new maternity clothes and looking at all the new seasons baby clothes wondering if it'll be a boy or a girl. But I'm not.

I'm so grateful to have found this site, to be able to read about others experiences and feelings, to know that I'm not alone, and to be able to see my emotions expressed in others poetry so much better than I can express them myself.

My Baby
New Zealand

Marcia's Thoughts: Your letter is a powerful expression of why you are grieving. Your ache is deep. Your many losses well expressed. YOU will help other parents to know that what they are feeling is grief because you have lost someone very precious to you and all the precious gifts that belong to that part of our lives.

Have you had time to read "Allowing Grieving to Happen to Heal." What you are sharing are the emotions of grief and the secondary losses that we experience when we loose our child.

You have you have received.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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My heart and soul Brock Skylar. Feb 5 1999

Oh why did it have to be,
I so much wanted to hold you close to me.
We tried for you for two years,
And when we found out I was pregnant with you,
oh how we cheered.

I cried when the Doctor told me that I was 8 1/2 week s along,
And all I could hear was the "Rock a by baby" song.
You gave me so much hope in this life that I live,
Because now I could show all the love I had to give.
When you left my body it took my soul,
Now when I think of you, there is a big hole.
I'll never know the color of your eyes or your hair,
I can't even imagine your little face, these times I can't bear.

I cry for you each day deep inside,
But don't you ever forget you're never out of my mind.
I pray for you each morning when I see the sun rise,
Because I know that my baby is up in the heavenly sky.
Mommy and Daddy love you,and when we see you we'll hold you tight,
But until then my baby God bless you and good night.

We love and miss you Brock Skylar Moss

Love Mommy(Shari)& Daddy(Ron)Moss

Brock Skylar Moss
Feb 5,99
Lenoir, NC

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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A month ago I saw my twins hearts beating and I began to dream....

I dreamed of being the best mom possible, being there when they learned to crawl, walk, talk. I dreamed of the things we would do together and the joy they would bring to my life. While I was doing all of this dreaming and planning for their future, they grabbed ahold of my heart and found their place.

So, my dreams were short lived. I was told at my monthly check up that both of my babies died just 6 days after I saw their beating hearts.

I will never be given the chance to count 10 toes and 10 fingers for each of my angels or to hold them in my arms. I will never see their first smile or to hear "mama" cross their lips. But, I know that my precious unborn angels have been called by God to serve in his "ranks of Angels" and I would like to think that God needed them more in heaven than we did here on Earth.

So, please do not tell me it is "for the best" or that "something must have been wrong with them". The only thing that I see wrong is the fact that I went to the hospital with two babies in my womb but I left with no babies in my womb and no babies in my arms.

And please do not tell me to try again, of course I know that I can. Right now I need to think about my unborn angels, I need to mourn, I need to heal because my pain is very real.

Although I know there are two souls in heaven waiting on me, I still have any empty spot in my heart and shattered dreams.

I will always love and remember my unborn angels.

Tina (Mommy)

Mommy's little Angels
Lima, Oh

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Our Sweet Angel


We lost our baby at 8 weeks. To some I know that doesn't seem long. I feel that some people think we over react, that we should be over it by now, but we aren't.

I think of our baby, our sweet angel every day of my life. I don't cry everyday now, but I do still cry alot.

When people ask if we have children yet, I just want to die inside. YES, I have a baby I want to say, but I don't want people to think I want their pity. I feel like I betray our child when I say, Not yet.

I often wonder what did we do wrong to be punished in this way? I get through by walking with the Lord, and I know when the time is right again, He will bless us with a baby. I hope that all who read this will say a prayer for us that we will have patience and strength. May the Lord bless each of you in your journey for a child. Mandy
Baby Roland
Donalsonville, Ga

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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True Loss

I am sixteen...never experienced true I went to the doctor with stomach pains. Three hours later I have lost the only thing I have ever made.

And I ask why grieve? Why feel the loss of something I have never seen or touched or given life to...

Why is it so hard to get up now?
It is because I knew and I loved.
And now there is only the emptiness of before.

April 13
Milwaukee, WI

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Rachel was the little girl I always wanted, I can still smell the Kool Aid flavored memories that surround her soul.

I was only with her for a short time before my body gave me an unsolicited break and miscarried her somewhere into the Heavens..I know she is peeking at us, Her Mommy and Daddy and two big brothers (5 and 3),and carries us in her heart the way we carry her in ours.

It is unfair that she is unable to share Christmas morning with us, that I will never hear her giggle or push her on the swings, that Josh and Caleb will never have a little sister to look out for, but she will be looking out for them!

Through the eyes of an angel she will be jumping in our laughter and swimming in our tears, and will be waiting for us to return home to be with her someday.

I know that Jesus sings her an ancient lullabye, and by now she must be coloring Him pictures that He puts on His fridge and talking His ear off, and asking Him to play dress up...Ill bet she's somewhat of a yellow/white haired little tomboy, playing baseball in pink dresses, and smiling at us in the sunsets.

I feel her everytime the tide crashes on the shore, when the breeze whispers her name, when the butterflies and fireflies try to catch me....She will NEVER be forgotton, she was a person who evolved into an angel. We love you Rachel,never forget that....

Love, US (*SMILE*)

Rachel Bolton
Aug 11, 96
Fair Haven, MI

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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No kicks
no coos
nothing to lose
some say.

But I lost.
A dream, a prayer,
you were there.
Wanted loved and missed
I wish I could have kissed you.

A brand new soul,
was your only goal
to feel the love of a
and a father
a family? lessons to learn,
your soul becomes older, and wiser
preparing for an eventual birth.

I will be here, waiting and welcoming you,
to Earth,
to my arms,
to our family,
to stay.

Written for Baby Milli McQuiggin
my angel millennium baby
Lost to missed miscarraige 5/28/99
by Mommy, (Stephanie Russell)

Also rememberd Noble Ragale McQuiggin, lost full term 9/27/97 after 15 hours on eath, his memorial is in the Sept-October 1998 memorial section. And lovingly they watch over, little sister/big sister, born SAFE, healthy and living 9/22/98, Lillian Ophelia Bliss!

Baby Milli McQuiggin
Colorado Springs, CO

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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We have two angels
to dream of and love
One walks with me
and one walks above.

When we heard you were coming,
we couldn't wait to meet
How sad we were to find
your tiny heart ceased to beat.

Though you weren't planned
we had such hopes for you
You were to join our family
before your sister turned two.

Although you were so tiny,
you filled us with such joy.
And though it was too early to tell,
we think you were a boy.

It comforts us to know
that although we soon won't meet
You're safely at the Father's throne
sitting at His feet.

April now will come and go
but know we won't forget-
You're our angel up above
the one we never met.

**We love you little baby-
you were too good to stay.
See you when we get there!

Love, Mommy, Daddy, and Keaton***

Leigh Anne
Baby Simmons
Tulsa, OK

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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I found out I was going to miscarry after the 2nd attempt to hear the fetal heartbeat, September 20th. My husband and I were in shock, and told we could elect to have a D&C. As I had no signs of miscarriage, I elected not to, but to wait and see.

Well, On October 1st I began the slow process of miscarriage, and, as the bleeding seemed normal, thought I could handle it and still decided against the D&C, which was approved by my dr. and midwife.

On October 14th, beginning at 11pm the 13th, I began having pain I cannot describe, and ended up having contractions for over 6 hours, passing profuse amounts of blood and tissue. I managed to save some of the tissue, and finally went to the ER around 5am.

The pathology report stated it was a partial molar pregnancy, which meant that an abnormal placenta and fetus had formed due to having too many chromosomes (2 sperm penetrate 1 egg).

We never did find out the gender of our baby. But I had always felt it was a girl.

I went back to work 2 days later. I was saddened by the lack of acknowledgement, and wasn't afraid to confront my co-workers, who I considered my friends, about it.

What I eventually found out was that the one person, my best friend, who I had told to tell the others had told them in her own words "it wasn't really a baby". I had told her about the abnormal development early on, hence confusing the situation and leaving me and my baby's death virtually unacknowledged.

I told people, in one-to-one conversations eventually, that it was a baby to me and my husband for 3 months. I didn't officially miscarry until week 17, which would've been 4 months.

I was so so saddened and depressed for weeks. I learned more than I ever wanted to know about grief for a loved one, something I had never before experienced in my 27 years, including human nature's tendency to avoid the subject of death in general. It would have been our first baby, and we were ecstatic about her.

I hope no one has to experience the lack of acknowledgment that I experienced, but alas, I know it happens all the time.

Some people just don't know what to say or how to react, and therefore say nothing. Some perhaps don't see it as a death of a baby or even consider it a life. My advice would be to gently educate those around you about how you feel and what it means to miscarry a baby you wanted with all of your heart.

Those who truly care about you will acknowledge your pain and attempt to empathize. Maybe the next time they have a friend who has a miscarriage, they will know better how to respond.

To us, it was a death. Just because we didn't have a funeral, or our baby never cried, doesn't mean it wasn't a baby at all. She was a baby to us, and we still grieve over our loss--it's only been a month.

For 3 months she gave us lots of joy and anticipated hopes and dreams which we still cherish.

Due to the partial molar pregnancy, I am not to conceive for at least 6 months once my beta hcg levels drop down to at least 5 or under. My hormone levels have gone from 28,000 to 24 in less than a month. Hopefully I'll find out today they are zero, and I'll have a lot more to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Haley McRae
Miscarriage/partial molar pregnancy
Fond du Lac, WI

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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