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"Forever in Our Hearts"
Memories from Five to Fifteen Years Later

Thoughts by Parents with Subsequent Children
or Surviving Children - as Time Passes...

Our house is full of activity...
...but a Mother's heart
NEVER forgets the child
who should have also been here with us...

by Karen
Vancouver, B.C.

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"After Seven Years, I still love and miss you you"" by Jen (2/3/07)

It feels like a lifetime.. by Jennifer 1.07

"After Seven Years, I still love and miss you you"

Amy Dawn,

I love you and I miss you so much. I can't believe it's been seven years since you left us my precious darling girl.

You would be in Grade 1 now and probably loving school as Hope does having lots of little friends. I wish you could be here now with her, with us so we could be together as a family.

I love you so much my little sweetheart and miss you incredibly. I wish you were here, I love you forever and ever and always.

Love, Mommy

xo xo xo xo

Memorial Candle for Amy Dawn

I just lit a virtual candle in memory of Amy Dawn. I can't believe it has been 7 years, either! I know that Amy looks after Hope and I believe that she shares in her joy of her friends. You have had a long and difficult walk. I know that their are early emails from you on the site. But your garden, website, and joy in Hope are all gifts to others as you have made Amy's presence meaningful in your life.

So many of our parents can't believe that they miss their baby's so dearly, but we do. The love stays with us always, and I have found the pain is only there on occasion as the years pass. That means I can remember my three in pure joy and honor them as I hope they would have me do. Life is full, and full of blessings. It is hard to see any of them at first, and we struggle through the difficult times. But, there is joy in the morning if we will do the work of grief.

Give Hope a hug from me. I always love seeing the pictures of her with her friends! I am thinking of you on this seventh anniversary... Maybe I should do a pdf file of pictures of our children as they are older? I could do that if people would send in their pictures...I already have some...actually, alot through the years. It is so much easier now to put them on!!! Take care, Marcia The love stays...forever in our hearts.

Amy Dawn Mountney
February 5, 2000
New Lowell, ON Canada


More information from Jen

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It feels like a lifetime...

It feels like a lifetime...

Of course, it's been much longer than your tiny life.
My whole world has changed.
I'm no longer the scared newlywed, waiting for the stick to turn blue.
Now I'm the experienced mom, the one whom others call for advice.

There's no longer painful silence in my home.
Now it is filled with the laughter of your siblings.
I'm no longer frozen with grief.
Now I can remember you and smile with disbelief.

How can it be 14 years since you left?
What would you be like?
Would you look like your brothers or sister?
Would you be starting to look at girls in a whole new way?
Caring about music and clothes?
Pulling away when I hug you?

And yet it is just yesterday...
I can close my eyes and remember it all, I can be there in a moment.
The joy when we told everyone the news,
The secret smile I wore every day,
The fear at the sight of blood and the panic-filled ride to the hospital.
The grief, the pain, the loss.

But I also remember the healing.
The friends, the hope.

Jesse David Greer
Atlanta, GA

(See Gifts, and "A letter to Jacob G." by his mommy, Jennifer for more of Jennifer's thoughts in the past.)


Marcia's thoughts: Jen, it is difficult for me to believe that it has been 14 years! We have watched your three living children grow into such beautiful and happy people. What a blessing they are. Jesse's brief life touched us all, and will always. I love your memories, your thoughts, and knowing that healing does happen and hope is what keeps us going. You have made many friends through the years at SHARE Atlanta. We have been blessed by all you have done for us with the memorial brick pathway, the garden, the newsletter, March of Dime's Walk - so much love you have given. All these gifts in memory of your three angels and in honor of you three active children! Thank you for being my friend.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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