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Our Special




Lovingly made ~ August and September 1999

In Loving Memory of Livvi Kitzman 7/6/99


Our little girl, we would have called her Livvi
We knew she was a girl right from the start
She was born at home, right in our bathroom
And her coming then nearly breaks my heart

She would've been our fourth child
We have two other daughters who are living
Gem, her sister, preceded her by 9 months
A whole full term of love that was worth giving

I know you're up in Heaven, waiting for me
But I can't help that I feel so alone
I'll always remember you, dear little Livvi
9 & 1/2 inches, 1/2 a pound & fully grown

Livvi Kitzman
Second trimester loss
Red Oak, TX

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In Loving Memory of Shane Walker Wright Feb.22,1997

You left our lives as quickly as you came.

But you left little footprints all over our hearts!!!!

Shane Walker Wright
Second trimester loss
Macon, Ga

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In Loving Memory of Angel Ford July 7, 1999

Right now I would be about 4 1/2 months pregnant... Anxious for my ultrasound to find out your sex. I so looked foward to that. Soon i would start feeling kicks and movements if i had not done so already. I was excited for these times. But I know that I will be with you again someday , my sweet little angel but right now your being taken care of by the best :o)

Mommy and Daddy Miss you and love you even more...

Angel Ford
Matthews, NC

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In Loving Memory of Whitney Ryann Sept. 4,1998

This is a poem that I found in a SHARE newsletter. It has been almost a year since Whitney's death and by reading this poem I remember.

My Angel
by Donna Morrison

God placed inside of me a sweet angelic soul
to nurture with my body, for it a place to grow.

I watched with wonder and amazement at the miracle inside,
waiting for the moment where in my arms you now would hide.
Dreams and plans I wove for a future of you and I,
to begin within a second of my baby's newborn cry.
Dreams crash down around me, nothing seeming fair,
when instead of joyful crying, only silence filled the air.
My sanity now uncertain as reality sets in place,
a beautiful daughter, this I know, though i never saw a face.
The pain and longing crushes me as these days just pass on by,
searching for an answer to the obsesssive question,"why?"
I face the future with timid steps for now I walk alone,
God granted me an angel, but had to call her home.

I break through the madness, to try and forge a smile,
at that a rememberance of my very precious child.

Sleep in peace my angel, take good care while we're apart,
remember my sweet darling, you are always in my heart.

Jaimie Romo
Whitney Ryann
Second trimester loss
Houston, TX

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In Loving Memory of my precious unborn children 3/99 and 08/05/99

To my precious unborn children:


I thought of you and prayed today,
Asking God to show me the way.

I asked him for strength to help me see
The reason my babies aren't here with me.

And during my prayer I started to cry,
I did the unthinkable,I asked him WHY?

Right then I know that I did hear
"Stop crying my child for I am near.

I know your sorrows and pains are real
But I am here to help you heal.

I know you seek answers from mortal man,
I know their answers hurt you, they do not understand.

They tell you to get over it, to just move on,
Mourning won't bring them back, they are gone.

But your children are not gone you see,
They are up here waiting on you with me.

For you and your children did not part,
You will have them always to hold in your heart.

Because my child you have a heart like no other,
You have a pure heart, the heart of a mother.

Your heart is broken now, I do understand.
That is why I'm here to hold your hand.

I will lead and guide you with my light
Until my gates are within your sight.

Now heaven is closer for you to see,
For in your loss you came to Me."

by Tina Kerchenfaut

The pain of lossing you is extremely great but we take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. You are in heaven with your brother/sister-the twins we loss in march of this year. I just wanted you to know that we love you and you will never be far from our hearts.

Mommy & Daddy

Tina & Mike
Lima, OH

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In Loving Memory of Conner Joseph Berrigan 07-29-97

An Angel Was Born On July 29,
So Still, Yet So Precious Was This Angel Of Mine.
No Reason Was Given For His Loud Silent Cry;
No Reasons Were Given To Our Questions Of "Why"?

But, Because Of This Angel, We Again Did Conceive.
Another Gift From Heaven We Again Would Receive.
Because Of This Angel, Whom We Always Will Mourn,
Two Babies, One Year Later, To Us Would Be Born.

Sadly Missed By Mommy, Daddy, Molly, Sean, Ryan
Forever Greatful are Colin And Taylor
(Thank you, Conner, For Letting Us Be BORN!!)

Conner Joseph Berrigan
Dracut, Ma

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In Loving Memory of Joshua James Pierce 7-21-99

In memory of Joshua James our baby boy
that we wished for and
were not able to have the joy
of enjoying life with.

You will forever be in my heart and thoughts....

My love Always.......Mommie

Joshua James Pierce
Bolingbrook, IL

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In Loving Memory of Erich 8/16/99

You were wanted so much,
when we first found out,
we were so happy,
when we first saw you,
saw your heart just beginning to beat,
we were so happy,
then you were gone,
just like that,

We will miss you forever,
our first little one,
our little Erich,
we will love you always.

Milwaukee, WI

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In Loving Memory of Matthew Paul Oliver Leighton-Browne 4/5/98

No-one who matters to me seemes to understand my feelings since the loss of my longed for son. All I ask from them is in the words of this song...

Don't ask me to stop crying please just hold me as I do,

Soothe me with your silence and just cradle me to you.

Don't push me for my feeling or expect me to explain,

How can I in 5 minutes share this lifetimes bitter pain.

Everyone wants me to be how I was before all this happened.

Matthew Paul Oliver Leighton-Browne
Second trimester loss
Exeter, England

For note from Marcia in reply to Lorraine's thoughts...

Found in Friends, Family and Co-Workers/Difficult Relationships

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In Loving Memory of Katherine "Kati" Elizabeth Smith 04/03/99

Katherine Elizabeth Smith was stillborn on April 3rd of this year. It is very painful, but nice to know that we as mothers can still honor and remember our children and not hide them. Thank you for such a wonderful network to do just that.

Katherine "Kati" Elizabeth Smith
Dallas, Ga

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In Loving Memory of BABY CAPALBO 06/07/99




Second trimester loss

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In Loving Memory of Baby Stahlhuth 8/14/99

The love of our life

From the first moment we loved you even though we did not meet you. We will walk with you when our time on Earth is through. Until then, we think of you everyday.

Love Forever,
Mommy and Daddy

Baby Stahlhuth
Lafayette, LA

Vicki's story

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In Loving Memory of Caitlyn Pearle Clayton June 27,1999

Caitlyn you will always be our little angel looking down on us

Caitlyn Pearle Clayton
Jesup, Ia

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In Loving Memory of my angel August 16, 1999

It is comforting to know that there are many others out there feeling the same pain from a miscarriage. I just had my first miscarriage last week. I never knew the pain could be so deep. The only thing that has helped me deal with losing my sweet angel is the knowledge that God is still in control and that someday I will understand why this has happened.

In memory of my angel August 16, 1999

Donna Wilkinson
Evans, GA

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In Loving Memory of Madison Adair Heaverin 7/5/99-7/6/99

My Heart Child

In my heart you existed before you were conceived.
Patiently I waited for you, wanting and loving you,
until the day I learned you were inside of me.
Already you had been there for a time,
and my heart was full and happy when you finally
let me know you were with me.

As you grew beneath my heart, my joy increased.
The beating of my heart provided life for you,
and the first time I heard your heart beat,
I realized how truly miraculous you were.
You were a precious gift given to me that
I would cherish within my heart always.

Then there came the news that I thought
would make my heart stop.
You were not able to keep your heart
within your body.
The beautiful sound of your heart beating
was perfect in every other way,
but it was not where you needed it the most.
It was as if you were trying to give us your self,
the innermost part of you, your very soul.

Patiently I awaited your birth, my heart aching for you.
When the day arrived, my heart was full at the chance
to meet you face to face, but continued to ache with
the knowledge you wouldn't be with us long.
But you stayed, so much longer than expected, your
heart beating so strongly right after your birth.

But then, all too soon, those heart beats slowed.
And after I told you it was okay, you had worked
so hard already, your precious heart stopped.
And my heart broke as you died in my arms,
and my soul feels as if it died with you.

And now, my heart is empty,
because part of me did die with you.
But you will remain in my heart forever.
You are My Heart Child.

Donna Gayle Heaverin
In memory of my daughter, Madison Adair.
7/5/99 - 7/6/99
Written July 26, 1999

Madison Adair Heaverin
Died soon after birth

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In Loving Memory of Jordan Tyler 9/1/90

You were my first child,
my first precious baby.
Although it's been so long,
you were never forgotten.
I still love you and always will.


Jordan's Mommy
Jordan Tyler

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In Loving Memory of Claire Marie Wiser 03/31/99

Claire Marie was delivered on March 31, 1999. She was a beautiful baby girl. My husband and I love and miss her dearly. She was perfect -- I think of her daily and my arms and heart ache for her beyond any imaginable pain. She was and always will be my special little baby girl. I love you sweetheart.

Claire Marie Wiser
Second trimester loss
Holly, MI

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In Loving Memory of Bernice

~~In Memory of Bernice~~

The everlasting flame is as everlasting as my love for you. Your due date would have been July 25th. I think of you often and I have yet to feel the joy that I felt when I was pregnant with you. If that sheer joy was anything like heaven, I know you are happy and in a state of bliss. I cannot wait to see you and I miss you everyday. I love you with all my heart and soul. See you soon!

Love Always,

Greensboro, NC

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In Loving Memory of Bailey William Heider May 11, 1999

I found out that I was going to have you at the beginning of the new year. I was so excited! We had been trying for you for months. You were to be the last.

On my third appointment on May 10, 1999 (day after Mother's day) They couldn't find your heart beat. They thought perhaps you were moving too much to get a good grasp on it. So I went in for a Ultra Sound. There you were just laying there. No heartbeat, no movement. My heart began to break and the Doctor couldn't say much of anything other than how sorry he was. It was the first appointment that your daddy was able to come to. We were so anxious to see what you were going to be.

On May 11, 1999 I was induced and gave birth to you. You were so perfectly formed. But there was a kink in the umbibical cord and cut off your maternal blood supply/oxygen.

I miss you terribly. I should be giving birth to you in 6 weeks and it is not going to happen. I never got to hold you. My heart still breaks with every thought of you.

I love you so much Bailey. You were wanted so much by mommy, daddy and your 2 sisters. I wish you were still inside of me... You will be forever in my heart.

As the night grows dark
and the clouds roll in
I look at the heavens and picture your grin
I can see you smiling as I watch you play
I thank God he gave you to me even though
you couldn't stay.

My heart is breaking, the tears they fall
but God needed you and sent you his call
You are amongst angels, in the heavens above
perhaps they adore you, but they will never be able
to replace your mother's love.

So, be strong my darling and stand proud and tall
for you were created out of Mommy and Daddy's undying love.

We miss you and love you..

Mommy, Daddy, Erica and Ashley

Bailey William Heider
Second trimester loss
Lost him in Jacksonville, FL
I am now residing in Syracuse , NY

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In Loving Memory of Katherine Elizabeth Smith 04/03/99

Dear Mommy:

Although I never felt your warm arms around me or felt your soft lips kiss my forehead. I want you to know I do feel the love you have for me in your heart. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you in person and get to know you better. Being inside your belly, I could tell you are a loving, caring and giving person. I'm proud to call you MOMMY. I can't explain why I had to leave you, but I can assure you that you did nothing wrong. I guess it's just one of those things that we'll never know. The pain and loss that you feel in your heart can be bad if you let it. Or, you can turn it into a stonger love, by..... Remembering that for a short time we had a very special relationship. I only wish you much happiness and love in your life ahead. Just remember that I'm always with you. I'll never forget you.

Ken Hill...SHARE Atlanta
First published in
SHARE Atlanta's Newsletter

I had this poem read at the funeral service for Kati and I love to take it out and just read it and listen to the words. It brings me much comfort. I hope it will do the same for you, too. Elizabeth Smith GA

Katherine Elizabeth Smith
Dallas, GA

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In Loving Memory of Baby Riser 9/1/99

I never got the opportunity to meet my dear precious baby, but in my heart he or she will remain forever. I wanted this baby more than anything I have ever wanted in my life. And for the first time, I felt as if my life had real meaning and real worth. I had a baby to protect, love and care for. I pray that my baby looks down on me from heaven and can feel my love. I will never forget you my precious!

Baby Riser
Gunnison, CO

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In Loving Memory of Baby 2 7/9/99

Sweet baby #2,

We were pleasantly surprised by the news of your being only too find out that you would have to leave in a few weeks. Our parting has been a long process and wish it didn't have to be. But we know that God created you and knows you and we (mommy, daddy, Seth)are comforted that you are being loved.

mommy, daddy, Seth

Baby 2
Mokena, IL

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In Loving Memory of


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In Loving Memory of Kirstie Brookes 04/29/99

Our precious angel

My sweet baby Kirstie,

I have so many things I want to say and so many things I wanted to do with you. It's Mommy and Daddy who hurts right now because we miss you so very much. I know you're in the most perfect place but I just wanted you to be here with us. It's so hard to understand but god knows what he's doing and one day, I will too.

Baby I we all love you so very much. Mommy is going to miss so many things like brushing you're hair, playing games, hearing you laugh, cry and get mad. I wonder what you're voice sounds like,what color you're eyes are,you're favorite color, favorite outfit or how you're kisses feel on mommy's lips.

Mommy and Daddy will see you soon and we will never be apart again. Until then you and all these thoughts are right here in our hearts.

Mommy and Daddy

Kirstie Brookes
Died soon after birth
Ft. Worth, Tx E-mail

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In Loving Memory of Baby Schneider 09/10/99

We only knew that you were coming

for a short time before you left,

but we already loved you more than anything.

Joe & Lori
Baby Schneider
Accord, NY

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In Loving Memory of Our Little Peanut 8/23/99

"Our Little Peanut"

The day we found out about you
Was the happiest day of our lives

We had so many names for you
We called you our "little peanut"
We called you "stinky" too

We don't know why we never got to hold you
or hear you cry
There are so many things that we wanted
to teach you
but we will never get the chance

Now you are in heaven
and we are trying to understand "why"

You are forever in our hearts,
Love, Mom and Dad

Our Little Peanut
Second trimester loss

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In Loving Memory of Gage Alexander Peterson 7-13-97

Gage, it has been over 2 years since God called you to him. Not a moment goes by that I don't think of you! I can't wait to see you in Heaven baby...I can't wait to be able to finally hold you and see your beautiful face for the first time. When I get you in my arms, I will never let go! I love you now and forever my son.

"The hardest word Mommy knows is....Goodbye."

I Held You in A Dream

By Heather Peterson

I held you in a dream
oh that night it did seem
that you hadn't gone away
please, come back and stay?

I held you in a dream
you had wings and a tiny smile
you grabbed my finger and held it tight
please, come back for a little while?

I held you in a dream
my arms no longer ache
your warmth and love surround me
please, I don't want to wait

I held you in a dream
reality is seeping through
hold tight, my little one
please, I don't know what to do

I held you in a dream
maybe now I can find release
to this un-ending sorrow
please, show me peace

I held you in a dream
you told me with your eyes
that love will last forever
and no one really dies

Little One's Journey by Heather Peterson

"It's time to go."
He told his little one.
"But wait, I'm not done!"
A tiny voice replied.

"The voice I hear each day is filled with such love.
Doesn't she want me to stay?"
"In time, she will understand"
He said, reaching out his hand.

"How?" The little voice said questioning.
"Have you told her of what you have planned?"
"She knows I love her" He said with a gentle smile
"She realized she would only have you for just a little while."

"Then you did tell her of your plans?"
"Yes, in her heart she knows you are off to a better land."
"Will she miss me?"
The little voice said sadly.

"She will miss you very much."
He said as a tear zig-zagged down his face.
"Then I won't go, I'll stay right here."
The little one said boldly.
"I like it here, it's so warm and cozy."

"But I have plans for you"
He said, reaching out his hand.
"What kind of plans?"
The little one said, trying to understand.

"I'm going to take you to a wonderful land.
You will have others to play with,
young one's just like you.
Everywhere there is light, and the sky is
always blue."

"I don't want to leave her alone and sad."
The little one said reaching for his hand.
"You won't leave her alone." He said.
"For I am giving you wings, so you can
see her each night to tuck her into bed."

"I will get to sing her lull-a-bye's
and tell her I love her and she will
hear all I've said?"
The little one said hopefully.

He smiled. "She will know you are always there,
in her heart, she knows you
will always care."

The little one sat pondering,
wondering what to do.
Leaving this place, and going somewhere new?
Wings will bring me back, any time I choose.

He said I must leave her,
so I guess I'm on my way.
I will come back often
and tell her that I'm okay.

She will always feel me
deep within her heart,
I will leave my imprint upon her soul,
and she and I will never part.

The little one turned to him and said:
"I'm ready to go with you now,
your words have helped me so.
I know she will love me even though I have to go.

Just one more question before I leave.
This place we are going, does it have a name,
and is it as wonderful as it seems?"

"Yes" he said "It's called Heaven,
and it's a special place to go.
A place to rest, a place for love,
and also, a place to grow.

So come my child we're on a quest,
I'll take you home where you can rest,
please reach for me and take my hand,
and I'll lead you to my promise land."


Gage Alexander Peterson
Omaha, Ne

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In Loving Memory of Julia Claire Bruner 3/9-3/31/99

Dear Julia,
Our love for you will never end
Hugs and kisses up we send

In the fathers arms you lay
Peace surrounds you every day

We love and miss you very much
Your little toes we miss to touch

Your precious face we always see
In our hearts you'll always be

So, this is not to say goodbye
This is see you in a little while.

Mommy and Daddy

(Our Little Jewel)

Julia Claire Bruner
Died soon after birth

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In Loving Memory of William Travis Cordrey 6/9/99

My dear sweet Billy,

The happiest day of our lives was the day that we found out about you. The saddest was the day that God called you home. But just having you for five months was the greatest blessing I could ever hope for. I love you with all my heart. I see your smile in every sunset. I hear your laugh on every breeze. You are always with me. Until we are all together again in Heaven, know that your Mommy and Daddy love you very, very much.

Mommy & Daddy
William Travis Cordrey
Second trimester loss
Fort Worth, TX

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In Loving Memory of McKayla Jordan Mayes 1/8/98

You have changed my life forever.
A piece of my soul rests in your tiny hand.
I will hold you in my arms someday in heaven.
I love you. I will always remember you.

Your mother.

Goshen, NY

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In Loving Memory of Anthony Taylor 02/08/96

...I still miss him...

The loss of my son affected my life profoundly. I have gone through the greiving process, and in some ways, I still am. The only thing I've never gotten to do is share my story with others who have experienced the same thing. I live in a small town and support groups are not available. I've known about SHARE for quite a while now. The information has been very helpful. I welcome anyone to email me so we can share our experiences and remember our children together.

Anthony Taylor
Portales, NM

A note to SHARE: thank you for letting me, and others, share our stories.

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In Loving Memory of Noah William Hill 01-19-99

In loving memory. Our littlest angel. We love and miss you so very much! You may not be with us to hold, but you are always with us in our hearts. Some people only dream of angels but we got to hold one!

We love you!
Mommy, Daddy, Tony, Josh, and Hannah

Noah William Hill
Lawrenceville, Ga

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In Loving Memory of Baby Hill Sept 8, 1996

In loving memory of Baby Hill. We never got a chance to know you but we were very excited about you coming. We are not sure what happened but we know you are safe in heaven. Please look after your other brothers and sisters. We love you! Mommy, Daddy, Tony, Josh, and Hannah

Baby Hill
Lawrenceville, Ga

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In Loving Memory of Baby Hill 07-01-99

In loving memory of Baby Hill. After the loss of Noah we were scared and very excited about you comming. We did not want anything to happen but it did and we are not sure why. We may never know why. I do know that we loved you very much even though we never got to hold you. Some day we will see you and Noah and your other brothers and sisters again. We can not wait until the day we get to hold ya'll.

We love you!
Mommy, Daddy, Tony, Josh, and Hannah

Baby Hill
Lawrenceville, Ga

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In Loving Memory of Baby Simmons 9/15/99


We have two angels
to dream of and love
One walks with me
and one walks above.

When we heard you were coming,
we couldn't wait to meet
How sad we were to find
your tiny heart ceased to beat.

Though you weren't planned
we had such hopes for you
You were to join our family
before your sister turned two.

Although you were so tiny,
you filled us with such joy.
And though it was too early to tell,
we think you were a boy.

It comforts us to know
that although we soon won't meet
You're safely at the Father's throne
sitting at His feet.

April now will come and go
but know we won't forget-
You're our angel up above
the one we never met.

**We love you little baby-
you were too good to stay.
See you when we get there!

Love, Mommy, Daddy, and Keaton***

Leigh Anne
Baby Simmons
Tulsa, OK

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In Loving Memory of Baby Taylor Thuma 09-02-99

In Loving Memory Of...
Baby Taylor Thuma

We miss you our precious little angel.
We want you to know we love you very much.
Thank you for giving us such joy those 5
short months you were with us.
We will never forget you!
You will always be in our hearts!

Mommy & Daddy

Tim & Dana
Baby Taylor Thuma
Second trimester loss
Jasper, Ga

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In Loving Memory of


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In Loving Memory of Clayton Samuel Dalyai February 2, 1999

To my Angel:
"Heaven's Dreams"

As I wept myself to sleep last night
I met you in my dreams.

You looked at me so peacefully,
and searched for words it seems.

You said "Mommy please don't cry,
today I earned my wings and learned to fly.

I know how much you miss me Mommy
but believe me when I say
maybe it was better,
We'll meet again someday."

And with this I awoke
and had lost you once again,
but the few precious moments I had
helped me in the end.

Now as I say goodbye
to this earthly life I know,
I realize you will be there waiting for me when I go.

I remember you like it happened yesterday,
growing in my womb.

You said goodbye too early,
but Heaven holds no guilt.
In memory of your life
I made you a tiny blue quilt.

So now I say goodbye to everyone I know.
This time my son
says it's time for me to go.

He has been so strong as I grew old,
playing in Heaven's fields of gold.

I lost him so long ago,
but it all still seems so new.
I must be bold, but maybe I'll take him his baby shoes.

Goodbye for now my loved ones.
But remember me in your dreams.
There is a place for you all under Heaven's waterfalls,
and in the beautiful blue streams.


We love you baby. I can't wait to finally meet you some day. You be a good boy Clayton and we will see you soon.

Mommy and Daddy

Clayton Samuel Dalyai
S.L.C., Ut.

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In Loving Memory of Baby Koenig Sept 29, 1999

No matter what you do,
I am watching over you.
Watching from a star.
A world where angels are.

So look up to the sky,
When you're barely getting by,
And I will carry you,
And all your problems too.

The world will be a better place,
So put a smile on your face.
For I will always watch over you.
In every way and everywhere,
I will always be there

We love you BABY KOENIG

Jenn & Greg
Baby Koenig
Arlington, VA

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In Loving Memory of Renee Michelle Jordan June 11 - June 13, 1975

In loving memory of my beloved sister...

I've never seen you, not even a picture. Back then we were supposed to pretend that things like this didn't happen. All your sweet smelling baby things were put away before mom even came home from the hospital. It was thought that it was better never to speak your name... that way our mom and dad would "forget" you and move on.

Our mother longed to hold you while you were here, but there were too many tubes and wires... and besides that, the doctors didn't want her to "get too attached" to you, because you were so very sick. How does a mother not grow attached to a baby that is living inside of her for nine months?

When you died, a big part of mom and dad died too. They may have tried to pretend like you never existed, to move on with their lives, but I promise you that you were, and still are, very much loved and missed. Their hearts were broken, they just didn't know how to get through the pain.

Things have changed now, and we know that not talking about a baby who's died doesn't make the pain go away, and that you never, ever forget your own child. Mom and I talk about you sometimes... we wonder what you'd be like, what you'd be doing, whether you'd be a mommy yourself yet. I wonder if we'd be close, or whether we'd fight. How very different life would have been with a sister! All my life, there has been an aching, empty space in our family, left behind when you were taken away from us. Always, there is someone missing.

I lost my own baby last year, just 7 weeks after God created her within me. Before she died we named her Emily Renee, in remembrance of you, her auntie. Now that she is with you in heaven, it seems an even more appropriate name.

When I get to heaven, I know I will finally see my sister. Only then, when we are all together, will our family feel complete.

In Loving Memory of Renee Michelle Jordan

Born June 11, 1975

Died June 13, 1975

Forever loved and missed by her family

Renee Michelle Jordan
Died soon after birth
Whittier, CA

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In Loving Memory of Two Special Babies

I Have received the news letter for approximately one year. This has been a blessing to me. I have had two miscarriages in the past two years. Just knowing that there are families who can relate makes me feel better. It's a daily task to attempt to move forward. Some days are better than others.

I decided to write today because September is a special month to me.


It was in the month of September when I moved away in search of living life on life's terms. By faith I found my place and the love of my life. We were married a couple years later in the month of September. For our first anniversary we had news that a little one was coming to share our world; however 13 weeks later our dream was shattered. The very next year again in September we had news only to last 7 weeks. We are left with an array of feelings. Today we say "gratitude" even though we do not understand. We have to believe that a power greater than the two of us has the answers.

Jonesboro, GA
Jonesboro, GA

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