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SHARE Atlanta and "Hugs from Hunter" by Amy Guzowski

Kleenex Boxes donated for comfort...
in loving memory of Hunter...

Just the beginning...
Your kleenex donations are important!

Amy Guzowski’s Brief Story and Reason for Outreach:

On February 10, 2012. I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy, Hunter Thomas Guzowski. We had successfully moved through several pre-birth medical issues. Hunter was growing and fine. Tragically, a placental issue during the last day was one hurdle we could not get over. Hunter was born still at 37 weeks.

“Hugs from Hunter” was created in memory of my son Hunter Thomas Guzowski born still 2.10.12.

In the hospital my grief brought many tears. I remember thinking the hospital tissues were a horrible tissue paper consistency. I went through 10 boxes of those horrible hospital tissues. I felt alone and without comfort. From this emotion grew “Hugs From Hunter.”

A box of a good quality tissues given to a grieving family would be my symbolic "HUG" from Hunter. One that would bring Hope in knowing that someone else understood the pain of loss and the comfort of support.

Please Help! Donate good quality (Puff, Kleenex, etc.). SHARE Atlanta (SA) has included “Hugs from Hunter” in their Outreach for Healing program. SA information will be included with each box. We hope for comfort and support for a newly bereaved parent..from the very first moments.

“Hugs From Hunter” - Support for bereaved parents. Precious pictures...Take a moment and "Like" Amy's page.

Details: Email Amy Guzowski

OR Send boxes to:

Amy Guzowski

67 Moriah Lane

Dallas, Ga. 30132

Hunter's Family..Amy, Jesse, and Molly
Amy is holding their bear, Huggable Hunter, made in memory of Hunter.

Amy's Full Story.....

My name is Amy Guzowski. On February 10th 2012, I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy, Hunter Thomas Guzowski. Hunter was still -born at 37 weeks. He weighed 8 pounds 10.5 oz. and was 20 inches long.

At 12 weeks into my pregnancy, I had two 5 cm hemorrhages that threatened Hunter's life. I was put on 4 weeks of bed rest. At 19 weeks, I learned Hunter had a 2 vessel umbilical cord. At 22 weeks, I learned of Hunter's bi lobed placenta. With all of these seemingly mild complications, it was of great joy for me to learn that each week Hunter was growing on schedule and completely healthy. On February 8th 2012, I was given yet another gold star from the doctors and was sent home to prepare for Hunter's arrival.

By 9:00pm on February 9th, every mothers worst fear became my reality. With no movement from Hunter for many hours that day, I ran to the hospital. Within an hour I was told my baby boy was gone. My placenta had began to bleed and prematurely separated from my uterus thus ending my son's life. It is a feeling that carries so many different emotions. My body just shut down. I was left numb.

Many people asked me what they could do to help. This was a very hard question to answer. Nothing will bring Hunter back, but I want very much for Hunter's life to have had meaning, to have an impact. I spent those three days following delivery in the hospital - grieving. With grieving came lots of tears. I remember one middle of the night in particular. I had my phone in one hand ( my life long friend on the other line) and in the other hand a box of hospital tissues. I remember thinking these tissues are horrible. I went through 10 boxes of those horrible hospital tissues. They felt like tissue paper. It doesn't sound like anything big, but sometimes a good tissue is comforting. Feeling that you are alone and that no one in the world could possible understand is one of the major emotions I had. So from this emotion "Hugs From Hunter" grew.

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