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Debbie's Diary...
Debbie's Drawing of Sarah
Debbie's Other Children...
Sarah's Brother and Sister...

Debbie's Sketch of Sarah ... "as she might be today"
Summer 1999...

My sketch of Sarah was a large release.

It came from a dream

I had and I literally woke up squinting, trying to remember all of her. I remember her face and a bright orange wall or something behind her. Whatever was happening in the dream, we were laughing and I just became very transfixed by her face. She gave me this look that you see on the page.

The bright orange is now in my dining room

..and it is now a playroom for the kids. The happy color from the dream gave me the idea for the playroom. It also has Disney characters painted on the walls.

Drawing her has released me...

.. to go back to drawing other people again which I am pleased about. Losing that urge was like losing an arm and a defining part of myself.

My friend who scanned it and I see family resemblances.

She draws a connection to our families. I doubt they will want to see this picture. I get the look that says "Oh not that again" so I don't bother to share it.

Debbie's Other Children...Sarah's Sister and Brother

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