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"There's has to be a way. There is a way--through advocacy and awareness."
WHY Walk or Donate??? 7 Significant Reasons...

SHARE Atlanta's Walks in 2007!!

Our understanding of the importance of Walking for March of Dimes increases as we participate more in their activities. A telling fact: They are constantly growing their horizons as they better understand the needs of families. Prematurity is just one of their focuses. SHARE Atlanta embraces their vision.

Kathleen Blum, long time SA member and volunteer, writes on my WalkAmerica page:

"MOD funded a study that helped to figure out why my two miscarried babies died. While this didn't help ease the pain of their loss, it helped tremendously in my journey toward healing." She donated money to our cause.

1. March of Dimes Supports SHARE Atlanta's Issues: The March of Dimes is one of the few organizations that has the potential to help everyone who might have a child. Their research could find reasons for miscarriage and stillbirth as well as prematurity and newborn death. They have researchers studying the use of progesterone (for miscarriage and loss before term). They hope to have grants to study malfunctioning genes that could cause birth defects and to look at variations in mother and infant genes that might trigger premature birth. They make possible newborn screening for healthy babies and children. These take money. The Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Community has long sought an organization that would take our banner up the hill. The March of Dimes is carrying the pink and blue ribbon for us.

Their official thoughts when I asked them how they supported our community.

2. For the Newly Bereaved: “How can I support you and remember your baby”? After the death of your baby, family and friends often ask this heartfelt question. They can show their love and care for you by giving towards your walk or to SA’s team. Or by walking with you. The amount does not need to be large...every penny helps. Our highest fundraisers usually are from those who have recently lost their baby. Family and friends wish for a venue to support you. As they contribute, they also support families of the future.

3. For those further down their path: "It is never too late to support an important step to ending loss." We understand finding other activities in your life. But, for just one moment, think about the pain and loneliness you felt at first. Think how hard many of you worked as SA volunteers to get the word out. One of our ongoing wishes has been for support of our issues. (See #7!) Jennifer Greer (SA’s first walker), Cindy, and I believe that March of Dimes is providing that support. When our name flashes on the MOD’s screen, it is because we have raised enough money to win an award. We are recognized as a group working together for advocacy and awareness. Our babies will be "forever in our hearts," and we walk in memory of them each April. Our biggest reward will be when we finally help "March of Dimes put SHARE Atlanta OUT OF BUSINESS"!

4. Asking Others Offers Understanding: If family and friends aren't asked, they can't give. Even if they don't donate this year, your letter will help them understand your concerns and our issues. Many are not aware how MODs could help SHARE Atlanta members, and possibly, every family who might have a child. Your letter can address these important facts.

5. Together we are Visible*: When we pull together, we show the larger community that we have a defined purpose with a cause. We wish to empower people who have experienced this tragic loss to find answers and to seek emotional and medical support. We can not be passive about this. The March of Dimes is opening a door for us to walk through. We had little and no control around the death of our baby, but we do control what we choose to do about it. Being proactive-together-is a choice. There are many charities out there. SHARE Atlanta supports March of Dime's because we agree with their mission.

6. Hearts carry us: Donations are dependent upon hearts that support our joint mission. Every donation and every walker count towards helping us end Pregnancy and Newborn Loss.

7. MOD's faces ALL the possible facts: "There's Got to Be a Way" A powerfully moving MOD's Video of the story of twins. One lives with the help of MODs, the other baby does not survive. I was greatly touched by this because MOD's shows the love that the parents have for both of their children. In the past, MODs, like so many organizations, did not talk about those who didn't survive. At the luncheon in February, our 9 SA members totally identified with this message as we watched the video. We thank MODs for bringing ALL of the facts about difficult pregnancies to the attention of those around us. Awareness is an important step to understanding and support.

We are sending this note to 450 members and friends. After March 1, Cindy will send updates and news to those who have requested them or who are a part of our SHARE Atlanta Team. Later, we will send emails letting everyone know where our walk led us. From now until April 28th, if you decide that this is a mission you would like to be a part of—in any way, Cindy, our Team Captain, is always ready to help you.

E-mail Cindy, SA Team Captain

Take care,

Marcia and Cindy

  • (Much information plus a pdf with many pictures is on this page.)
  • WalkAmerica's site- Registration is easy! Find walk sites...

  • SHARE Atlanta's Official Walk: Downtown Atlanta, Olympic Park on April 28th

  • But you may walk anywhere in the US and support SHARE Atlanta Team #562—Walk locations on WalkAmerica's site.

  • In GA: April 28: Coweta in Newman; East Metro in Stone Mtn; Fayette in Peachtree City; North Fulton in Roswell; South Metro in Morrow April 21: Henry in McDonough; Rockdale/Newton in Conyers

    Every donation is tax deductible as a charitable contribution.

    Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta, GA

    North Park

    265 Park Ave. West NW


    The walk is 5.2 miles long.

    Encouragement and support:  Vans come along frequently for anyone who wishes a "lift" back to the park.  Juice, fruit and bagels are given out along the way!  And, various stations along the way have people to cheer walkers on and to offer any support that might be needed.

    Tent: We need volunteers to help in our tent!

    9:00 AM - Walk begins, but please meet around 8 am in OUR SHARE Atlanta Team TENT!  We take our Team pictures during this time.  Then, we will have a particular time (emailed nearer the actual date) to get our Team pictures made by the MODs.


    The walk takes place rain or shine!  If there is severe weather, the walk would be cancelled.  Turn to Star 94 for updates.

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