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SHARE Atlanta Memorial Celebration 2004

Some thoughts from those who attended the program.

The memorial was beautiful! My friend was thrilled to come. She suffered a terribly painful miscarriage 2 years ago. She has been a blessing to me. It was great and I was so happy and touched to be asked to release a balloon. Thanks so much! Angie

I just wanted to let you know that the memorial service was beautiful. Thanks for all that you do. We all appreciate it! --Shenia :-)

I just wanted to thank you for putting together that lovely memorial service. I really enjoyed it and look forward to participating again next year. My favorite part was releasing the balloons. If the poems didn't bring enough tears to my eyes, the balloons floating up to our babies definitely did!! Thank you, thank you. Kim S.

I was so touched by the beautiful service yesterday. Although it was difficult, of course, it was also just perfect. Things like this are just "bitter sweet" but in the long run it is so helpful in the grieveing process. I am glad my Mother - in- Law went also. I don't think she understood a lot until yesterday. It kind of hit home with her. The thing that touched me the most was the balloons and bubbles at the end. My husband just stared up at ths balloons until they were no longer even a little dot in the sky. The other thing I loved the most was the poem "No Heartbeat" - isn't that the truth??

Anyway, I just want you to know how lucky am am to have met you and go to these support groups. I plan to be at the November Candlelighting. Christy

We both enjoyed the ceremony. It was more emotional than I originally anticipated. The litany is what really just broke me down. I miss them so much. The memorial service was wonderful and thanks for asking us to be such an integral part of it! Nikecia

I want to thank you and SHARE Atlanta for a beautiful memorial service. It was an honor for Kenneth and I to participate. Kenneth thought it was going to be like a women's group. He kept saying I hope I am not the only male there. Later he said "Carole I am so glad you have SHARE Atlanta for support." Carole

My husband Bryan and I lost our baby girl, Grace Emily, on August 18th of this year. We attended the Memorial service that SHARE Atlanta did and it was absolutly beautiful. Thank you for doing such a wondeful and memorable job. Julie

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