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"Tonight we light candles in Memory..." by Kym (12/12/99)


"As I was searching for answers I found your website" by Laura (12/20/99)

"Jade Brenna" by Anne (10/26/99)

"Elijah" by Grandmother Linda (6/11/99)

"My Grandbaby Died Today" by Sally (2/25/99)

"Christian's Nikes" by Utchika, Christian's Grammy (12/12/98)

"A Lovingly Supportive Message from a mom/grandmom helping us understand how others might be feeling about a loss..." by Tess (7/98)

"Nicholas" by Nana (4/98)

"For Meghan" by Grandpa Banks, Jan. '98 (3/98)

"Christian would be 3 years old this Saturday. I am his grandmother." by Linda (10/97)


My grandson left us on 2-4-2000. A beautiful boy born stillborn @36weeks. I felt robbed of the joy of another grandson.

I know God,the loving Father that he is does not allow anything to interfer with his divine plan,and purpose, and destiny for each one of us. His plan for us to be with Him for all eternity gave me comfort in knowing that Braeden is with him and we will see him again.

I never ever thought that my daughter Amy would ever have to walk the path of pain, loss, grief, disappointment and all those emotions on that path. She and her husband are on that path, and I am walking on that path too as well as other family members, friends,& other loved ones.

Had I not had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ before this I would have had a difficult time believing that God, the Father of all comfort loved us at all, well he does and has covered us with Grace & Peace (unmerited favor & calmness) I am unable to put in words. He truly is our very help in time of trouble.

A scripture verse in the Bible has been very good for me and I share it with you: 1 Corinthians 1:2-7 talks about God comforting us in our sorrow that we may comfort others as we have been comforted by Him.

Some days are difficult to contend with and it is on those stormy days I need to look for a rainbow! I trust that this experience with having to say goodbye before we even said hello will be meaningful to other grandmothers and mom, aunts, cousins, friends and loved ones. Now may the God of all Peace fill you with the faith to Believe GOD IS A GOOD GOD!


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Jade Brenna

I have searched every site I could find on bereavement, not for me but for daughter and my son-in-law....they lost their little girl, Jade Brenna on 10/4/99. She was full term and died in utero due to a cord accident. She was delivered at 6:37am. She was so beautiful and so wanted by all of us.

I want to do something to keep her memory alive. We have been in contact with the National SHARE office, and I am so grateful for their support and encouragement. Everyone has been so helpful.

I would like to light a virtual candle for Jade.

This is so very hard for me. My first concern is for my daughter, but I too feel such watch your child endure such a tragedy is almost more than a mother can bear.

How I wish I had known Jade and yet know I'll never get the chance. As I listened to How Great Thou Are, I couldn't stop the tears. My middle daughter, Jade's aunt, sang that very song at the funeral God be with all of us..aca

Anne/grandmother of Jade
Blue Ridge, GA

Marcia's thoughts: Please consider emailing some of the other grandparents on this page. Also, if you haven't, consider reading some of the information under "Allowing Grief to Happen to Heal".

Anne, we welcome you and your children to our meetings. You can find out about all we offer by receiving our packet of information. You can send me your address or call our number and someone will call you back and gather your address. There are several candlelighting times coming up during the next two months.

We have had many grandmothers join us during the last fifteen years. At my last meeting, I had a grandmother join us with her daughter, Caroline. Several "healed" grandmothers have helped us in the past. It is always very special...for all of us.

We just had our annual Memorial Celebration (November 24) at Arlington Cememtery in Sandy Springs, and there were relatives(grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, etc.) and friends...we had about 200 folks. It was a very special time. We will always carry these special babies in our hearts and souls.

Perhaps, some of the mothers of the women in our group would like to correspond with you...I will ask the ones who I know who have been part of our group if they would do this.

Your feelings are very normal. All the grandparents have shared how hard this is because they are grieving not only for the loss of their grandbaby, but for the pain and grief they know their own child is suffering.

My own mother and father dealt with this, and we all had to travel that path of learning how to cope. I love them so much for being there with me through our losses. Bless you for your love...your support of your children. Your desire to understand grief and how to heal is very special.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Little one so sweet and pure,
An angel I did say.
We awaited for your arrival,
And finally came the day.

Such a wonderful experience,
To watch your parents joy,
As I witnessed the beautiful miracle,
Of a tiny baby boy.

Reddish brown hair, silky and long,
Your face so perfect and sweet.
Perfection was the only word,
From your head down to your feet.

Your stay with us was very short,
But I feel I must say,
I'll miss you dearly sweet one,
And think of you each day.

3-25-99 to 4-13-99

I love you Elijah
Grandmother Linda

Elijah Francis Robinson
Elmira, NY

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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My Grandbaby Died Today

This is a story I never thought I'd ever have to write. This is also a story you would never want to have to read.

Kevin and Noel had prepared for over a year to have a baby. They gave up smoking, had physicals, redid their diets and bought a stroller. At her 3 month check, it was determined that Noel had cervical cancer. At 18 and again at 21 weeks cone surgeries were done.

The medical community advised it was agressive cancer and a histerectomy had to be performed immedately. To save her life they had to sacrifice their beloved baby.

Kristen was 21 weeks alive, 10 inches and 12 ounces big. She was a perfect baby. She is a perfect baby angel. Now my daughter will never carry a small heart again. A piece of my heart is gone forever, and I cry and cry and cry..................Grandmom

Sally -grandmom
Kristen Angelica Emkjer
Walnut Creek, CA

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Christian's Nikes

Christian was born at 2:30 in the morning. He was an unplanned pregnancy between unwed parents. I can never say I regret his coming but it has left me sadder and wiser.

I have had a unique experience since his death. I am a spiritual person who deeply believes in God and His love. I could not understand why this child was taken from our family where he would have been loved. I was grieving deeply. I had a unique experience after his death which tells me that he lives on.

I was told by a person that she had a message from Christian...that he liked the Reeboks better. No one but his mother and I knew that we had looked at Reeboks shortly before he was born and that we thought the precious, but costly, little shoes were more than we could afford. I bought him another pair of baby Nikes at a garage sale. They still sit in my closet...a reminder of a little boy who in some way appears to know his Grammy loves him.

In memory of Christian Malone Palmer...born at rest 10/11/94

Christian Palmer
Tulsa, OK

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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A Supportive Note from a mom and grandmom...

I want to thank all of you at SHARE who helped my beautiful daughter, Ondrea, after she miscarried her first daughter, Dakota. You were the sounding board that she needed when I was probably at my most inadequate.

Jacksonville, FL

Some of Marcia's thoughts: We are here for just that a sounding board for those who need us, whenever they need us. When a child-to-be dies, it is hard for all those involved to know what, how or when is the best time or thing to do. Often those who are the closest have the hardest time helping their loved ones cope.

There needs to be a support group that is there to help those who attend heal - so that the love they feel for the folks around them can be protected, and they can keep those ties open. We are very aware of this need and work to "be there" for whoever needs us. Thank you for your understanding and support...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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You my precious one will dwell with me in the secret place of my heart all the days of my life. Even though you will not walk or talk with me, I've lived a lifetime with you in my thoughts, dreams, prayers and hopes. We will meet again one day and run to each other... because you know me and I know you! I will love you.....Always


Grandpa and Grandma
(Bryan And Jan Archiquette)
Nicholas Taylor Archiquette
Marietta, GA

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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For Meghan-

In a twinklin of an eye,
A princess said "goodbye."

For me not to cry-
I'm an angel flying high.

And, when my name comes to mind-
Look what I left behind

All the love we shared,
And all the time I knew you cared,

And all the smiles I gave you,
Are just the start of something new-

Blessings from above and
a very special love

Are what I give to thee
so in YOU, all will see,

An Angel
Partly ME.

Written by Grandpa Banks Jan 1998

Meghan Elizabeth George
Tampa, FL

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Christian would be 3 years old this Saturday.
I am his grandmother.

I miss him very much. I visit his grave often and leave flowers. His little cousin, born 2 months before him, is a constant reminder of "where he would be" physically and developmentally.

I have just started my PhD. I am going to write about assisting parents and grandparents with neonatal and early childhood loss. I would welcome information, support, etc. from parents and other family members who want to share their story and have suggestions for working with families. We will be conducting a large scale research effort for my dissertation as soon as we get it approved through the IRB of our university.

Happy 3rd birthday, Christian, and Grammy is going to try to help all the mommies, daddies and grandparents like the ones in your family who love and miss you.

Christian Malone
10/11/94 - Stillborn
Tulsa, OK

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Tonight as we all light our candles for All our precious children, I would Love to include my baby grandaughter, Cheyenne Autumn Smith, Cheyenne Autumn went to Heaven on Nov. 30th, 1998 after spending just 14 short months here on earth. As we light our candle tonight for Cheyenne, we still are faced with the fact that we have No Known Cause of Death. But Nanny misses her more every day, They tell me it will get easier, but as the days go by, as yet it has not. Thank you, Kym

My Beautiful Cheyenne, Hello, Good-bye
I'll See You on the Other Side
Cheyenne, Sweet Grandchild of Mine
I'll See You on the other side
And so I hold your tiny hand in mine

For the Hardest thing I've ever had to face
Heaven calls for you
Before it calls for me
When you get there, Save Na-Na a place
A place where I can share your smile
And hold you for more than just awhile.

Your Life and Death have changed my life so,
I never thought I would live to see you go,
FOREVER in my Heart you will always stay
Until we can be together again someday,
Remember I Love YOU with all my broken Heart.

Cheyenne Autumn
Other/14 months old
East Liverpool,Oh

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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As I was searching for answers I found your website. My family and I had to bury our first grandchild today. She was a beautiful, perfect little girl, only something went horribly wrong yesterday before she was born and she was stillborn. I feel so helpless. My daughter, the baby's mother, needs me and I don't know how to make everthing fine like I could when she was a little girl herself.

Please share any information with me that might help. Sincerely Laura
Ellisville, MS

Marcia's thoughts: This site is full of information for you and your family. "Allowing Grief to Happen to Heal" and "The First 24 Hours and Later" may help now. You can order our Mailing Packet and Our newsletter if you would send me your address...both are sent at no charge. You will find an extensive booklist under Books and Other Resources.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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