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Donating either a heart, star and/or teddy bear
for our "Forever in our hearts" Memorial tree

We will receive the ornaments these ways:

  • Bring to:

    a. Group Meetings

    b. Memorial Service on fourth Sunday in October at 3 pm

    c. Women's candlelighting service - Third Wednesday in November at 7 pm

  • Or Mail to:

    SHARE Atlanta
    PMB 212
    9925 Haynes Bridge Road
    Suite 200-212
    Alpharetta, GA 30022

    Include with (not on) your donated ornament:

  • Your baby's name if you have chosen a name...

  • The date of your baby's birth/death (though we may not use these).

  • Your name and phone number

  • If you wish a brief message (or email one to me so I can add it to our site) as to what this donation or experience means to you.

    Guidelines for choosing an ornament

    A. Guidelines lifted from the Festival of Tree information:

    The major goals for the Festival are:

  • The trees are sold to the general public to raise money for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.
  • The trees help create the magical atmosphere that over 100,000 visitors come to enjoy every year.
  • Therefore, Festival relies on designers to create and donate items of quality and creativity that will be desirable for visitors to purchase and display in their homes or businesses.

    B. Guidelines from SHARE Atlanta:

  • Our theme is "Forever in our Hearts."

  • Think "memorial tree" more than Christmas tree.

  • Color scheme and overall theme: Victorian Christmas with white mini lights, snowbabies, snowflakes, hearts and the overall "theme" of our tree. The tree skirt will be Victorian theme as well.

  • To memorialize our babies - soft pastel colored, silver, bronze, or gold toned ornaments would be encouraged. You may make or buy these ornaments that conveys the feelings that you have for you baby. Please do not include dates or names on the ornament because we will have the names on a written handout, on an online litany and, in some way, on the tree.

  • You might consider buying or making two ornaments - one as a keepsake for you and one for the festival's tree in memory of your child.

  • Written litany and Baby's name on the tree...

    A written litany will be included in a handout at the festival and online. Look for the booklet at the Gingerbread House in the festival hall. We also hope to include the babies'names on our tree.

    If you wish your baby's name to be included in the litany and on the tree, there are two ways to do so:

  • Send or bring an ornament to SHARE Atlanta with your child's name with it (not on it)

  • E-mail your child's name to me

  • E-mail Marcia ~ please include my child's name on the written litany

    (Please include your name, address, phone number incase we have any questions. You might include a note sharing the meaning of the ornament or what your participation in the festival means to you for your own personal healing. )

    More details about helping with the project

    E-mail Marcia if you have a question or wish to mail your ornament directly to me.

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