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Our Living Children
and the Remembrance Bench and Garden

Your guardians they shall be
For all eternity...

But now that he is dead
there is nothing I can do
but go to his grave
and whisper (I love you)

"Taylor" by his sister, Kasey

Laying rose petals for Richard...

These pictures were taken during the 1997 Memorial Service and by one of our members while she and her children visited the garden.

In Victorian times the cemetery was a place to visit, to linger and picnics were shared there. Cemeteries were like parks and part of the family's reality. In Atlanta each October the victorian cemetery, Oakland, is revisited with these memories.

SHARE Atlanta's garden and bench, with a duck pond just down the hill, is there in hopes of encouraging folks to visit and find peace in this quiet, pretty setting. Some have loved ones buried there others, like this family, go there for a place of comfort and peace.


The brothers and sisters of our babies
visit SHARE Atlanta's bench and garden....
to share in their baby's memory...

More children visit SHARE Atlanta's Garden...

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