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Please note especially: Women's Candlelighting Date has changed to November 14th
from November 21st due to Thanksgiving's date.

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Pin
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Dear All,

SA Fall Groups: September, October, and November..NO Women's Grief Group in December

September's Topic is: "Grief and Future Choices"

We look at how the timeline of grief influences the way we think and reflect about our choices on the path of "what will be." We discuss pre-subsequent pregnancy doctor consultations, birth plans, and other options that parents might be considering. Through the years, SA parents have made many good choices as they walked their path, and it helps to share some of these together. We are blessed with many supportive doctors and caregivers.

Dates: Kennesaw's Men and Women's Group: 9.13.07 from 7 to 9; Women's Group: 9.19.07

October's Topic is: "The Significance of You and Your Baby"

Every child is special..every parent needs "permission to grieve"

Often times parents are made to feel that because our babies are born "too soon" they are not as significant as other children. This is especially true for our babies who are born too soon for us to hold.

At SHARE Atlanta we believe every child is our "child-to-be"-our dream for our future, and we believe that every parent should be given "permission to grieve" their baby. We have also found that society and the medical world often need to fully understand that every child is important and special, and we wish answers to "whys" and "how" to prevent future losses.

Mementos and poems

As we come together at our meetings this month, those who wish to, share special treasures, sonogram and baby pictures, scapbooks, poems, etc. that they might have in their memory boxes. We understand that not everyone has named their baby or has a treasure to hold on to, and we realize that this is a personal decision. We also know that sometimes this is because a parent has been made to feel that such an expression is morbid or unnecessary because "we didn't know" our baby.

Well, we did "know" this child - in some way - or we would not be feeling the pain we are. Recognizing that for what it is, then allowing ourselves to remember, grieve and we can, in our own personal way ... is what this meeting is all about.

Coping and Different Grief Patterns

At this meeting, we express how our baby has made a difference in our lives and how we will never forget their presence. We also discuss ways to cope (many of our activities are for coping) and ways to protect ourselves as we move through our grief. And how a couple's grieving pattern usually varies, and this is normal and healthy.

Please join us and, if you choose to, bring your mementos and pictures. We will have our "Memory Tree" to hold our memorial hearts. Also, Betty will be there to share her memory books with us. You, too, can create a memory book for your baby.

Dates: Kennesaw's Men and Women's Group: 10.11.07 from 7 to 9; Women's Group: 10.17.07

- Directions to our meetings - all meet from 7 to 9 pm.

November's Topic is: "Coping with the Holidays" at Kennesaw 11.8.07 and "The Women's Candlelighting" at the Women's Meeting 11.14.07 (This is NOT the third Wed. because of Thanksgiving's date.)

SHARE Atlanta's Forums

SA's Grief Support Forum is in full swing. Direct Link

Our members are what make it humm. So please come and join our moderators, Adrianne, Coretta and Crystal. Julie is facilitating our Subsequent Pregnancy forum for those who are pregnant once again. They are all healed and healing bereaved moms who wish to reach out and support.

Meet our Moderators on this page.

Hope to see you either at a meeting or on our forum!

Take care,


The love stays...forever in our hearts.

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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month
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I added by babies' and living children's names to my bracelet.

Bracelet's of Hope From SHARE Atlanta's Kim Shiftlett.

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    Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Awareness Pin
    Available at our events and groups.

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