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SHARE Atlanta's Spring Updates 2006

Dear All,

A quick April Update to remind everyone of the various "options" for this month:

1. Meetings: "Grief and Future Choices"

Directions to Groups

2. March of Dimes Walk - Team SA on April 22 at Olympic Park, but you can donate to SA's team and walk anywhere that you live closest to!

MODs Link on our site

3. Grief, Grieving and Grief Support Conference - April 27th. First Responders and Parents. Parents fee is $5. for afternoon sessions and Memorial Service.

SIDS Project Link for Conference

SA's Info about Conference participation

4. Cute Awareness and WalkAmerica Bears, pretty bracelets, and memento jewelry & key chains for the men by SA's Kim Shiflett.

Kim's site

5 Mother's Day support online..

Mother's Day

6. Anniversary and Due Date Support; Some emails in support of Easter and Passover/Seder...consider adding your own thoughts...

Holidays, Anniversaries, and Due Dates

7. Forum


Please join us as you feel you can. Grieving involves many levels (different emotions and abilities to cope) of grief - especially during the first year. Grief is often intense and outlets are important for this intensity. We also know that, for various reasons, support is needed beyond the first year. As we have shared so often, for most of us, there is not a straight path to healing. Being able to make varying choices, at any place along your personal path of healing, is why SHARE Atlanta continues to offer many different kinds of options.

Take care,


The love stays...forever in our hearts.

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