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Angela's Informal Subsequent Pregnancy Diary with Johari
who was born in December 2002

Entry #1 ~ 5/17/02

I'M PREGNANT!!! I am 8 weeks and we are so excited. We went to see and hear the heartbeat again today. Please pass the word along as we need all the prayers everyone can muster! I go for another ultrasound in 6 weeks to evaluate my cervix and schedule the cerclage (I have not idea if I spelled that right). Just wanted you to know the good news.

Entry #2 ~ July 1, 2002

I wanted to give everyone an update on the baby and what is going on with us in the next couple of weeks. Everything is well! The infection that I experienced with the last pregnancy is not present and other things have shown normal. Based on the ultrasound we had on Friday, the baby is healthy and developing well.

On next Tuesday, July 9, I will have an out-patient surgery procedure called a cerclage as a preventive measure to support the pregnancy and prevent some of the complications that occurred with the last pregnancy.

I will be at home on bed rest for two weeks following the procedure (visitors and calls are welcome--smile) so this will be the last "mass" update for a while. After two weeks I should be able to come back to work and will be evaluated by doctors every two weeks after to make sure things are progressing well.

We have been extremely blessed with this pregnancy and know that God is working a miracle with this child. Jamal and I thank you for your prayers and ask that you continue to do so as we continue this journey.

Entry #3 ~ 10/21/02

It's been a month and a half since my last message and people have asked what is going on and when the next update is coming here it is:

There won't be too many more updates since we only have 7 weeks and 2 days to go! Can you believe it?

As you all know we are having a boy, but some of you might not know his name. It is Johari (means: something of value or precious jewel in Swahili) Solomon Johnson. And he is due to arrive on Dec. 11 2002 (we are being induced when the surgical procedure I had done in July is reversed).

As of Friday, Oct 18 he weighed 3 pounds 3 oz and all is going well with the pregnancy. His little flutters have become big and hard rolls and nudges and Jamal is often amazed at how Johari looks like he is about to come through my stomach. Sometimes I look like there is an alien in me that is trying to get out--smile. Jamal spends long periods of time talking to Johari, who to Jamal's further amazement has begun to respond to Jamal's voice!

Things are going well and we thank you all for your prayers as we know that God has been listening. Please continue to prayer for Johari's continued development and my health. I have recently been diagnosed with gestational diabetes (when you only have diabetes during pregnancy and is somewhat common) and we are praying that I will be obedient to my special diet and it will work so I will not have to take insulin shots.

In addition, for all of you that are going through and wondering "where God is" while you are going through...HE IS HERE & with you! Three years ago yesterday we lost our daughter Gwendolyn Gerforne at birth (during our 5th month of pregnancy). It was devastating and I felt alone and very far away from God. I had to learn after much crying and prayer that He was there the whole time.

He not only heals the body, but He will heal your spirit, mind and broken heart if you let Him. That is one of the reasons I send out these messages to show you how far God has brought us and how is moving in and blessing our lives when 3 years ago we thought He had left and forsaken us. We know that He is REAL and with us always. If He can bring my family through, He can bring you through...stay in prayer and stay encouraged!

Wow, this was a long message, but I think I got everything in. Continue to pray for us as we continue to pray for you and look out for Mr. Johari Solomon Johnson in 7 weeks!

Entry #4 ~ 12/12/02 ~ GOOD Morning! (by Marcia!)

I just received the long awaited phone call from Angela - Johari arrived this morning around 8 am! Angela sounds wonderful. She said Jamal is 10 feet tall!

Johari weighs 5 pounds 2 ounces and is 17 1/2 inches long. He is doing fine and happy to be here, too! They are at Southern Regional. All went fine! What a Christmas blessing.

I wanted you to know and Angela said "send it out"!

What a wonderful, blessed way to start today and to continue this season.

Entry #5 ~ 10/1/04 ~ I did this page for Angela and sent it to her to see how she felt about it...and about it being on the site. Here is her reply...

That is the most amazing thing! You do such an awesome job with the site. Thank you.

You know Gwen's birthday is this month. If she lived, should would be five this year. Reading my entries from back then show me how far God has truly brought me. And, it reinforced how grateful I am to SHARE Atlanta and to you! I pray this part of the site will encourage and uplift other women. Heck, I pray one day there won't be a need for my page!!!!!

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