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Theme and Reason for Participation in FOTs - written to FOT's board

2005's "Little Stars...Forever in our Hearts" Bear Topper

Overall the ornaments will coordinate with the Angel Teddy Bear Topper who is dressed in a flowing gown highlighted with stars and holding an array of stars (see picture above).

Our babies all died at or before birth so we must “create” our memories from the short time that we shared with our baby. Our group wishes to help parents make their babies’ short presence in their lives meaningful and ongoing. So at our memorials, we often give and encourage mementos that will provide the parents comfort and let them validate their baby’s life as one of a special kind of love and beauty.

The angel teddy bear and star theme of this year’s tree carries this message. There are many different stars in the sky, and they are each unique and radiantly beautiful...just like our special babies. (Some parents honor their child’s memory by naming a real star in their child’s memory with the Name A Star Program.) Our tree ties together the sweet stuffed teddy bear that many mothers and fathers would parent their child with and the thought that, as a star lasts forever, the love we have for our babies will be “forever in our hearts.” Ornaments: stars, bears, hearts, moons...

Why SHARE Atlanta donates to the Festival of Trees..

For the Festival of Trees many of our parents donate an ornament(s) in memory of their baby(s). The festival donation’s influence on our families is best reflected in Julie Franklin’s (one of our members) comments from last year's tree: "On seeing all the ornaments, I realized that each represents much more than the child lost...They represent the love, hopes and dreams of the parents. It is such a special tree- while full of sorrow- full of more love than anyone could fathom. I was honored to work on the tree in memory of Caleb. I am looking forward to next year …” We are pleased that Julie is joining us again this year on the planning committee.

Festival of Trees 2005 Updates

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